One Year Ago on Lifehacker

  • Gmail Tips and Tricks Monster Roundup“Ever since I bought my first Gmail invite for five dollars off eBay over 2 years ago, I’ve been all about squeezing every last productive drop I can out of Gmail.”
  • Geek to Live: Tech support with UltraVNC SingleClick“Grandpa called from Florida, and he needs your help uploading pictures to Yahoo! Photos…. If only you were looking over his shoulder – except he’s states away.”
  • Technophilia: Forget the TV and watch the web“You can even use the web as your own (free!) personal TiVo so you watch your favourite shows anytime you want…”
  • How to portscan your computer for security holes“Open ports on your computers are invitations to criminal hackers and other evildoers to wreak havoc – and if you don’t protect yourself, no one else will.”
  • Download of the Day: myFairTunes6 (Windows)“Open source program myFairTunes6 is designed to remove the digital rights management (DRM) from your iTunes Music Store-purchased songs.”
  • Ask the Readers: Best music for studying?“What do you listen to when you’re trying to study or write?”
  • How to save $$ without a 9 to 5“Saving for retirement – or hell, even next month’s mortgage payment – is hard when you’re a freelancer who doesn’t get the same check every two weeks.”

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