On Exposé, 3DFlip and Switcher

On Exposé, 3DFlip and Switcher

Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror blog gives an interesting roundup of Vista’s 3D UI tool, Flip3D, describes it as a knockoff of OSX’s Exposé feature, and recommends Switcher instead.

He takes a look at the new beta of Switcher 2.0.0 and says he sees a killer productivity app in there – the ability to perform an incremental filtering search on all open windows:

“Pressing Windows+Tab, then typing “Gmail” is the best thing ever as far as I’m concerned. No, I can’t search tab contents, but I can now match by any window title, which is good enough. The way I can begin typing and watch the windows dynamically fling themselves offscreen as they fall out of my filter in real time is a huge productivity boost. I cannot understate how significant this feature is. It redefines the way I deal with windows; I can type what I want instead of expending the mental effort to visually scan thumbnails of 20 different windows.”

Switcher requires Windows Vista and Aero, and can be downloaded here. The site also lists common shortcuts and has some nice screenshots of Switcher at work. It’s also give a nice pictoral roundup of features which I’ll pinch and show here:

On Exposé, 3DFlip and Switcher [Coding Horror]

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