Notifir – notification tool for Digg

Notifir – notification tool for Digg

The How to Split an Atom blog has reviewed the beta version of Digg monitoring and notification tool, Notifir. If you’re a power user/commenter on Digg, some of the features sound interesting. The review picks a few holes in the software but says:

“Currently, Notifir provides a dashboard of stories that you have submitted to Digg in the last 24 hours. It can tell you who Dugg it and gives you a platform from which to submit additional articles. I think the most interesting thing that it has going for it is that it provides a list of articles from “commonly promoted sources” and lets you submit these stories with a click of a button. For power users in the making, this can save you quite a bit of surfing time.”

Participants in the Notifir beta can vote on which features should be developed, which is cool. And if you read the comments you’ll also see the Notifir founder responds to some of the critical points of the review. Nice to see them responding to community feedback.

How To Review Notifir [How To Split An Atom]


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