Browse and buy art online

Browse and buy art online

Kevin Kelly has written up a post about buying artwork online at the Cool Tools blog. His post about Tiny Showcase reminded me that we’ve got a really nice Australian-based art site, RedBubble. I’ll give a detailed roundup of Red Bubble, but first here’s what Kevin had to say about Tiny Showcase:

“Keeping tabs on the art world is tough and time-consuming. Being a collector is tougher — and downright expensive. This site does all the work for you and allows you to amass your own hip, limited edition prints for cheap.”

Once a week, Tiny Showcase emails out a newsletter alerting subscribers about the artist they’ll be featuring that week – a limited number of prints are sold for $US20 each. A proportion of the proceeds go to a charity chosen by the artist.
Tiny Showcase [Cool Tools]
Cool idea, but let’s look at something a little closer to home – Red Bubble.
Red Bubble describes itself as an online art gallery and creative community. You can browse via tags (eg cats), or by artist name. You can create a watchlist for the artists you like, and there’s a ‘favourites’ tag so you can find out what other artists and users of the site recommend. Some artists, like Melbourne based Vicki, just use the site to share their artwork:

Sydney-based stealthflower uses the site to sell her photography:

Others use it to sell wall art, greeting cards and tshirts. My favourite tshirt was by ScottA:

So do you buy artwork online, or would you rather go the oldfashioned route and go to galleries to check out the artwork ‘in the flesh’? If you can recommend any online art galleries, please post in comments!


  • Redbubble is great. They are constantly adding new features and new ways to sell your art. I used to only display my photos on my blog and on flickr. The community is great. Lots of feedback and fantastic artwork. I am considering ditching flickr completely especially if they don’t start to integrating features such as selling prints and stockphotography…
    Best of all it is free and australian!

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