Top 5 music websites for Australian musicians

Top 5 music websites for Australian musicians

Recently we told you about the struggling musician’s toolkit, a roundup of useful websites for musicians. I asked for some tips on good sites for Australian musos, and Jamie McDonald from Liveband came back with his Top 5:

This site almost makes we want to grab a guitar and hit the road! Bandmanager gives musicians a way of coordinating gigs, rehearsals and touring online without having to spend a day making phone calls, and sending emails. It also has a great band web-site builder so you can hit the road and keep the business side of things going without having to spend hours in front of a computer. Even if you are not in a band, I’m thinking this could be good for organising the family to be in the one spot at the one time for Christmas!

A great tool to help bands pay the bills. This Aussie site was created by some very experienced musos from Sydney to help artists build and connect with their fan base. You can create a “backstage” area for fans to not only let them know what you are up to, but sell your music and merch. I noticed today that there is even a Sony BMG artist using these guys, so they are just going from strength to strength

Ok, a bit of a boring name – the Australian Independent Record label Association – but if you were writing a list of what is going to help you make it as a muso, after writing down “work harder at my music than every other muso I know” I would write down “join AIR”. No point wasting your time making mistakes that others have already made when you could be gigging. This site is a great resource for anyone in the industry or wanting to be in the industry and I find myself on it at least once or twice a week to make sure Liveband is going in the right direction

Lefsetz Letter
Bob Lefsetz has been around the music biz for years and has got plenty to say about it. You mightn’t always agree with what he has to say, but he knows his stuff and at the very least the Lefsetz Letter is a good read. At its best you will get to know which way the industry is turning, be the next big thing, make a fortune and retire to a tropical island! The island could be a little crowded though because a huge number of people in the industry worldwide read the Lefsetz Letter.

This nifty site makes it really easy for bands and promoters to link up without sending constant press-kits through the mail. A lot of the festivals in the US are solely using Sonicbids for artist submissions. Takes a lot of the licking and sticking press kit envelopes out of the equation while giving you a very professional electronic press kit to put you out and about.

Thanks for the tips, Jamie!

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