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Wired's How to Wiki on bookmark management talks you through organising your bookmarks so they're in synch across your work, home and web environments. It gives a rundown on some bookmark organising software, as well as the online tools which are available, and some general tips:

1. If you're serious about your bookmarks and you're working across locations and platforms, social bookmarking sites are the way to go. What they lack in organisational methods they make up for in search capabilities.

2. Most social bookmark services offer an RSS feed for your bookmarks. Send that feed to a service like RssFwd, enter your email account and get your bookmarks delivered to your email. If you use an online service like GMail or Yahoo, you've got another way to access your bookmarks from anywhere in the world.

It covers a few retail software packages for bookmark management, but only one free version (Links2Tray), which seems a bit lame. I haven't yet branched into social bookmarking, but after reading this, ma.gnolia sounds tempting. What do you use?

Manage Your Bookmarks [Wired]


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