Liveband updates us on DRM

Liveband updates us on DRM

Recently we told you how to download an MP3 memento of a live gig at Liveband. In that post I mentioned that Liveband had a reasonable fair usage policy, but it was unclear about whether they were using DRM. Their site says”Files that are encoded with DRM will be promptly displayed as such on the performance profile page.” I emailed Liveband to try to find out more about the DRM situation, and here’s what Jamie McDonald from Liveband told us:

“When we were developing Liveband I spent a lot of time looking into DRM and we actually have the capacity to encode music so that is why it is our terms of use, etc. The great news is that no artist has ever requested it. For us, we use DRM to really refer to the usage rules we would like our customers to adhere to, but we are not encoding the music to restrict them to those rules. What we have tried to do is find a balance where it lets you use your live recording that you have purchased from Liveband how you would like to use it, but also gives some guidelines.

In a practical sense, we would discourage an artist form using DRM on Liveband as it contradicts what we are trying to do – ie. give fans access to the unique experience of hearing the artist live and (if they were there) reliving the expeirence and having it for bragging rights with friends!

Nice to see an online music business which is dedicated to giving customers control of the music they buy, kudos to Liveband for that.

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