Lifehacker website beseiged by gremlins

Reader Harold has kindly informed us that our site's link to the US edition of Lifehacker isn't working, and it seems the other tool for Aussies wishing to navigate to the US site ( isn't working either. Please rest assured this isn't a conspiracy to keep you from visiting Lifehacker US - it's gremlins at work. We're speaking to the Lifehacker US folk to work out the problem, and hopefully both those tools will be back and running soon. Apologies for any inconvenience. Update: I should also point out that anyone reading Lifehacker AU is getting *all* of the US content, as well as the extra Aussie content, so you're not missing out on any of the US posts. But if you want to jump back to the US site for any reason, you'll be able to do so once we get the gremlins out of the system. :)


    It's great that we get all the postings (you will of course notify us if it changes) but one thing I'm missing is the US comments. The Aussie posts don't seem to get commented on nearly as much as the US ones (being a fraction of population size)

    Yep, agreed. We're looking at ways we might share comments with the US so we can stay part of the commenting community. I'll keep you posted. :)

    Comments definitely need to be shared. It feels so cold and lonely here.

    Geez, I for one am quite annoyed. I've been a Lifehacker reader (and commenter) since Lifehacker US was started. It's been a site I've visited a couple times a day for several years, and Lifehacker has been a community as much as anything. I didn't even know Lifehacker Australia existed until I clicked the link in my bookmarks that has taken me to Lifehacker for ages and got redirected here. Now, not only can I not get to Lifehacker, or see any of the comments, but +all+ the Lifehacker archives are gone. That's probably the biggest loss. Even if I go to another Gawker site (in the US) and click on Lifehacker, I get diverted here. Don't like that degree of web manipulation one bit.

    I'm annoyed too. I haven't been able to visit the Lifehacker US site at all today. I thought I made it clear that it was a technical problem which is being fixed, not a manipulation though.

    Additional question: why in the world isn't there a login space? I have a lifehacker/consumerist/wonkette/various gawker media login. I'm really peeved/confused why I need to re-register.

    If there were a way to get the US comments on here, I wouldnt go to the US site. Same deal with Gizmodo AU.

    Echoing the comments made above. is a cold, deserted place compared to the .com.

    Can't we just have all comments with a locality flag indicating where they are being made from?

    Very few of the posts are geographically specific, so I think I'm missing the point of the segregation - and there would want to be a good reason for making us all feel like we've been cut off from the rest of the world.

    My almost favourite website is now a shadow of its former self. I understand that it's not intentional, and having local content is ok, but please get it fixed asap! So much of the worth of Lifehacker is in the user comments, so not having access to these diminishes the experience.

    If you wish to visit the US site without being redirected, all you have to do is add a '/?' to the end of the US site address. So it would be

    You can still see the us site if you type (note the question mark after the slash)


    i have stuck to the US site or a while. If you give us the same features and comments I will be more than happy to move to the Aussie feed. More for aussies is always appreciated

    End of Sun 23 Sept in Oz - I still can't see even my own comments and entries - REVERT REVERT REVERT - WE DON'T LIKE THIS - still cant get to US edition - come on this stinks

    If this incessant whinging is what you are all referring to by Lifehacker "community" then you need to put down the keyboard, USB stick, laptop, PalmPC, Pocket PC, iPod and/or other electronic device and go outside and get some friggin' fresh air.

    To Hergrace: At this point, we don't have a login/registration - that's a Gawker thing (so, Lifehacker US). We may add such a feature in future, if so we'll keep you posted.

    That an awful idea. Really awful. How do you propose keeping people from impersonating others? I kind of want to post that my name is Sarah from now on, just to confuse people. With logins, people have to comment as themselves (or their internet identity or whatever), and more importantly can't troll by posting under other commenters' names.

    I protested the .au when it was first brought up, and I'm protesting it again. Without actual integration between the two, this is kind of pointless. Amusingly, Gawker as a whole could take some tips for customer/reader friendliness from the Consumerist.

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