Get directions with a phonecall in Australia

Reader Chris saw our recent post about the US-centric Dial DIR-ECT-IONS service, which lets you call a premium phone number to ask for driving directions, which are sent to you via SMS. Chris points out that Sensis' 1234 premium directory service also offers driving directions charged at $1.40 per call. If you're like me, you don't depart for a drive to a new location without a Google Maps printout of the directions. But I can see that if you had to change your route on the road, you might opt for the premium phone line route... Most, if not all, mobile networks offer a '1234' equivalent to their customers. And finally - while not to do with getting directions, it's worth remembering that for plain old directory assistance, Telstra still offers free directory assistance on its 1223 number. Thanks for the tip, Chris.


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