Get 32 AA Batteries from a Single 6 Volt Battery

Don't want to spend a wad of cash on AA batteries to power your gadgets? Trim down your spending by cracking open the case of a single 6 volt battery which sells for about $5. Inside you'll find a whopping 32 AA batteries! Considering that you can get 8 watch batteries from a 12-volt battery and 6 AAA batteries from a 9-volt battery, this isn't surprising, but since AA batteries are the most popular among the three, this should yield considerable savings. Thanks, Richard & Lew!


    I'm not usually the DIY sort but this time (and considering the current lacklustre efforts of my electric toothbrush) I decided to give it a try.

    Unfortunately, my efforts at prying open an Energiser 6V lantern battery revealed not 32 AA batteries, but four larger cylinders.

    Whilst these could undoubtedly still be used successfully as batteries, they are a unfortunately a little large for my toothbrush :(
    So, be warned folks- though some 6V batteries might work fine with this hack, others might not. Though perhaps a few cheap experiments with some different batteries could cover the initial expenses in the end anyway, if you do manage to successfully obtain your mountain of budget AAs.

    Hmm. Perhaps I should go find another 6V... (just not Energiser).

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