Field Notes Memo Books

fieldnotes.png Designer notebooks Field Notes are soft-cover, pocket-sized memo books for jotting ideas, making lists and sketching. Each 3.5x5.5" Field Notes book contains 48 pages of graph paper and from all appearances, will survive your back pocket a lot better than the stiffer Moleskine. Practical applications of the notebooks are listed inside (like "Shoddy Sketches," "Treasure Maps," "Gambling Debts" and "Shady Transactions") and you designer types will appreciate the Futura type and printing details also included inside. A pack of three will set you back 10 bucks. Photo by Dan Cederholm used with permission. UPDATE: Don't miss the Lifehacker reader Field Notes discount offer. Thanks, Jim! AU - I'm assuming these are unavailable here - at least, I haven't seen them. Anyone seen them (or something similar?)


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