Does Telstra have the Edge in getting iPhone?

So Apple's confirmed the iPhone will be available in the UK in November. Meanwhile in Australia everyone's atwitter about which carrier will get the contract here. From all the iPhone unlocking hacks that have already come out of the US, it seems somewhat fruitless to try to lock iPhone users to just one carrier, but that's what Apple is doing with the UK launch too. Gizmodo UK said O2 will be the exclusive carrier when iPhone launches there in November. So, readers, if the Fin Review is correct and Telstra has the edge in race for Apple's iPhone, does that change your buying plans for iPhone? I must admit it gives me pause for thought. :)


    I hope Telstra doesn't get it. I've just gone through the process of moving all of my accounts (internet, phone, mobile) away from them because their customer service sucks, their prices are insanely high and they don't seem to have much of a clue in general.

    As much as I want an iPhone, I don't think I want it enough to go back to Telstra.

    I'm wishing for 3, which I am on, but conversely, I wouldn't buy one anyway, and when my 3 contract is up I'm likely to move to Telstra for a Hiptop.

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