Design a Memorable Business Card

biz_cards.jpgBusiness cards convey a lot of information about you, so using a good design can leave an excellent first impression. If you're starting out and need ideas for your business card design, the Quick Sprout blog recommends that you emphasise the colour, paper, uniqueness, typography and feel of your card. After all, you want to have something that describes you in a memorable way.

When you leave a conversation and the other party has your business card, your identity is that piece of paper. Because of this representation, your business card should not only state who you work for, your contact information, and what you do, but it should also state something about you. Not in a written sense, but more so on the overall image it creates about you.

I just returned from a trade show where I scored a bunch of cards, but there were only a few real ones from that batch that left an impact on me. Do you have any business card design tips? Feel free to share in the comments. Photo by Alena.


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