Deal with online copyright infringement

Search engine optimisation site SEOmoz has a useful video tutorial on the steps you can take to combat online copyright infringement.
As presenter Scott says, it’s not uncommon to find your website content has been lifted by other sites – and it can be really annoying if someone’s getting hits on their site which should really be going to you.
The video walks you through the steps you can try to get the offending website to remove your content, starting with a friendly ‘please remove’ email. It also has links to some examples of a formal Cease & Desist letter and a DMCA Violation Removal Request (which can be sent to Google requesting removal of the offending links from the index).
Note – the author of this tutorial is American, and not a lawyer, so read it as helpful but not legally definitive. 🙂

SEOmoz – Whiteboard Friday – copyright infringement

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