Best Comment Thread Roundup

  • Remote Control Your Computer with Your iPhoneSt3v3 says: “I’ve been able to do all this for free on my Windows phone since over a year…”
  • Yahoo Mail Innovates, Gmail StagnatesBillhelm says: “I still cannot figure out why Gmail can’t add more to its contact manager…”
  • Get 32 AA Batteries from a Single 6 Volt BatteryThe How-To Geek says: “That’s one of the most useful tips ever featured on Lifehacker… heading to store…”
  • Why You Shouldn’t Send That Angry EmailDaveed says: “Another rather self-evident advice, do not send the angry drunk email.”
  • Top 10 Firefox Extension-free Tabbed Browsing TechniquesUltranoob says: “Yet another reason to love Firefox…”
  • Check for Bad Neighbors Before You Move with RottenNeighborBelBivDevolkswagen says: “I’m actually rather surprised that my and my roommates and I didn’t make this map…then again, there’s plenty of time to be added.”
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer?ejcdke says: “I was desktop only for many many years. I was worried about getting a laptop… [but]now that I have one, I would never go back.
  • Send Documents as PDF Rather Than FaxMarksman7328 says: “Fax needs to die. Nobody uses a typewriter anymore, so why should anybody not have an e-mail.”

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