Avoid These 10 Resume Annoyances

resume.png We've covered a ton of resume do's at Lifehacker, but AOL Jobs highlights 10 resume don'ts that are likely to get under your hiring manager's skin. For example:

Outdated information. Leave off the activities that you did in high school if graduation was a few years ago and omit jobs you held 10 or more years ago, as the information is probably irrelevant to the position you're trying for now.

If we've got any hiring readers, we'd love to hear your tips for resume additions that get on your nerves.


    I've had lots of jobs in a career spanning more than 30 years, so my resume has LOTS of stuff that it wants to say! However, I make a point of limiting the whole document to exactly 4 pages, by trimming less important stuff as I add new (more recent) stuff.

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