Ask the readers - AU specific financial software?

Reader Zack sent in a question which I haven't yet been able to answer, so I thought I'd throw it open to the readers and see what we find out. Zack asks:

"My wife and I are trying to keep better track of our finances and are looking for an online option so we can each enter expenses as they come in. We had been using Quicken in the States, but since we can't get it to download transactions from ANZ or correctly interpret Aussie date format, we've tossed it. We don't need anything super special. We just want to see how much we have and be able to see where our money is going."

So, Lifehacker AU readers - hit us with your tips for financial software - and it doesn't need to be a commercial accounting package like Quicken either - I'm keen to hear about software apps you use to track expenses on your PC, PDA or online. You don't need to keep it just about expense tracking either - feel free to nominate your favourite Australian-friendly budgetting tools like The Money Orb, which we wrote about recently.


    I've tried many but have found Google Spreadsheets to be the best in the end.

    I personally use MS Money.
    No idea if it talks to banks or not however as I've never used that function as I prefer the finer control of doing it all manually. But then I'm anal.

    I use iBank from IGG software (
    It works fine with ANZ - download files as quicken format and iBank imports the AU formatted date with no problems.

    I use Gnucash for Linux, which I believe has been ported to Windows.

    It understands Australian.

    I've played a bit with expensr (, the free ajaxy website. Have had no problems importing from Citibank Australia.

    What we need for Australia is Mint ( Real time money tracking.

    Thanks Sarah!

    I appreciate any advice that comes our way. A big hearty Yeaaaaaarrrgggghhhh to Lifehacker on this splendid Talk Like a Pirate Day.

    Some of you might cringe, but I use an Excel spreadsheet that I've customized to track my expenses. Does what I want in the format I want. It just took a bit of time to perfect.

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