Add to Your To-Do List via Launchy with the Todoist Plugin

todoist-launchy.png Windows only: Seamlessly add items to your Todoist task manager from the popular application launcher and then some, Launchy. Once you install and configure the Todoist plugin, you can type Todoist, press Tab, and then enter your item like so:

To add an item, you can do following:

  • Todoist | add "item name"
  • Todoist | add "today @ 19:00 > item name"
  • Todoist | add "today @ 19:00 > item name" to "project name"

To open a project in your browser, you can do following:

  • Todoist | goto "project name"

I've covered how to tweak and take Launchy beyond application launching with Remember the Milk, Google Calendar, SMS reminders, and more, but this is the first true web-integrated Launchy plug-in we've seen, so kudos to Todoist for that.


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