Yahoo7! Mail confirms no SMS for Oz

Yahoo7! Mail confirms no SMS for Oz

Updating our earlier story on the new features of Yahoo7! Mail in Australia…

Elke Keeley, Senior Comms Manager for Yahoo!7 got back to me this afternoon regarding my enquiry about Yahoo!7 Mail in Australia. Turns out that, as suspected, we won’t be getting SMS.

At this point [for]Yahoo!7 Mail there are no clear timelines for introducing the SMS feature into Australia. However, like many of the Yahoo! markets, we’re actively exploring new opportunities and sms is definitely one on the radar.

Australian users will get the following new or improved features though:

*choice of email or integrated messaging – providing the option for real time conversations
*better speed and performance than previous beta versions
*users can now refine their email search results using advanced search options, including the ability to narrow results by sender, folder, date, attachment type and message status
*Six customisable colour themes

If you decide to check out the new improved Yahoo! Mail, let us know how you get on.


  • i’ve been using both hotmail and y! mail for the last 10 years, and would have to say that y! mail is definitely far superior. the spam filtering is heaps better than hotmail. I actually hardly use my hotmail now due to the amount of spam i used to receive.

    have been using the new beta version of y! mail for over 12 months, and it’s great. it’s basically just like using outlook, you can have multiple messages open at once, drag and drop messages, and you’ve got the whole application available above the fold. it’s one of the few things that yahoo! has really got right across their entire suite of products.

    basically cant rate it high enough!!!


  • The SMS function might have been the clincher for me to switch to Yahoo mail . They are not going to offer it so I am not going to use them as it is just another email service then.

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