Workaround: No Flash plugin for IE in 64-bit Vista

Workaround: No Flash plugin for IE in 64-bit Vista

I made a discovery today which early adopters of 64-bit Vista probably already knew about if they were using IE7. My excuse is I usually use Firefox, so it was a new problem to me. 🙂

It turns out that Adobe haven’t put out a Flash plugin for 64-bit computing yet – so IE7 couldn’t display videos for me.

Anyway, in case it helps anyone else, here’s the problem and workaround!

I’m running Vista in 64-bit mode, and when I started using IE7, I couldn’t get videos to display. Upon visiting the Adobe site to see if I needed to upgrade my Flash player, I found the culprit:

“Flash Player is not supported for playback in a 64-bit browser. However, you can run Flash Player in a 32-bit browser running on a 64-bit operating system.”

After pausing for a moment to boggle at the fact that a plugin as ubiquitous as Flash isn’t available for a 64-bit browser yet…

I consulted some friends (and friendly search engines) and while I could find a few workarounds for Adobe’s lack of 64-bit browser support for Safari/Linux users, I didn’t see anything helpful for IE/Vista.

Fortunately, a friend came to the rescue with a very easy solution. Turns out that Vista ships with both the 64-bit IE7 and 32-bit IE7. So I didn’t even need to uninstall/reinstall anything – opening the Start bar showed me both versions of IE, so I just deleted the 64-bit version (which is pretty useless without Flash, I think) leaving the 32-bit version of IE as my default.

Thanks Darren!


  • Any update on the 64-bit Flash Play?

    Seriously, it’s been almost a year since you first reported thsi problem and they havn’t fixed it yet…time for an eVolt!

  • Hi,

    Well put, it is boggling how a company which such a great track record as Adobe when it comes to understanding performance computing, has not solved the Macromedia 32 bit legacy.

    Photoshop developers could squeze wet stones out of rock, when it comes to performance, it amazes me they dont have a 64bit flash plugin.

    Well written. I dont know if I agree with calling this a workaround but I liked the style of the article.

  • I find 32bit IE unstable. Lots of crashes and eventually you reach a memory limitation even if you have a large amount of RAM.

    I don’t find the same issue with 64bit IE. It seems stable and I can keep on loading pages without problems. The lack of flash is extremely frustrating as you either put up with an unstable browser or you put up with no flash. arrrggggg
    I am seriously considering Firefox as an alternative. At least it is stable.

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