Tonight’s Eclipse – a Q&A factsheet

Apologies for the very late post, but if you, like me, will be heading outdoors and checking out the total lunar eclipse tonight, check out the ABC website for a Q&A by ABC Science’s Bernie Hobbs, as well as their Live Eclipse Cam

The Q&A is a fun read, and contains answers which will help if you have inquisitive kids asking you questions.

If they happen a few times every year, how come we hardly ever see them?

If you were rich enough and nerdy enough you could see them all. You’d just fly or sail to whichever part of the earth was going to see the eclipse. But those of us who live in one place and have cheaper hobbies have to wait for the conditions to be just right, and for the hour of totality to not clash with bedtime.

Eclipse of the moon August 2007 [ABC]

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