The Top 10 Roundup

  • Top 10 Free Wallpaper, Fonts and Icon Sources“Spicing up your computer desktop or documents is a cinch with the right fonts, wallpaper or icon set – but finding the best ones isn’t an easy task.”
  • Top 10 PDF Tricks“The PDF file format is one of the best ways to publish, save and exchange well-formatted documents that will look exactly the same regardless of the device or computer you open them on.”
  • Top 10 Firefox features that don’t require extensions“Rather than pointing you toward a handful of extensions, we’re highlighting the top 10 productivity-boosting Firefox features that don’t require an extension.”
  • Top 10 Gnome Desktop Tweaks“The desktop environment for many Linux users, Gnome, is fast, organised and very easy to learn.”
  • Top 10 Clipboard Tricks“One of the greatest features the point and click interface brought to personal computers is the clipboard – that invisible, temporary shelf you use more times per day than Google.”

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