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On Monday I challenged myself to make a list of my daily roadblocks. The point of this exercise was to create a hitlist of the little timewasting roadblocks that I hit everyday and shrug off, rather than taking the five minutes which would probably be required to fix them once and for all. Follow the link to see my hitlist of 'things I should have fixed ages ago'. And if you've made a list of your daily roadblocks, please share them (along with how you solved them!)I've made a few changes to my computing lately - including buying a new PC, switching from Firefox to IE, and migrating my GMail to my desktop email client. My hitlist of daily annoyances largely relates to loose ends from these changes!

1. Fix IM client. I was using the Gmail "quick contacts" sidebar in Firefox for using Google Chat. Now I'm using IE and opening Firefox if I want to chat, which is a timewaster. Solution: Choose between the Google Talk desktop app or set up the in-browser version for IE.

2. Fix botched Gmail —> Thunderbird migration. I was previously forwarding my Gmail to Thunderbird, and now that I've migrated my Gmail account to Thunderbird, I'm getting duplicates of my Gmail. Solution: identify if the forwarding feature is the culprit and turn it off.

3. Links in email were opening up old browser (Firefox) instead of in new browser (IE). Solution: change default browser in Thunderbird. FIXED.

4. Unwanted email newsletters. Email is getting clogged up with newsletters I should unsubscribe to, such as 3 different Seek job mailouts each day! Solution: Unsubscribe!

5. Annoying popup message when placing weblinks in blog posts. As I use a lot of links, this happens many, many times a day. Solution: identify whether culprit is CMS or (more likely) IE's Protected Mode being a netnanny. Change settings to allow pop up menus.

6. Keyboard on the fritz. Every morning when I power up my PC, certain keys go haywire, for example "A" types "AS". At the moment this can be fixed by unplugging keyboard and plugging it back in. Diagnosis: Keyboard is on its last legs, buy a new one.

So yes, that's my list of stuff which I should fix instead of having it slow me down every day. Bam, instant to-do list!


    Can I ask why you switched from Firefox to IE? I've seen plenty of cases of people going the other way, or Firefox to Opera, but not generally to IE. Just curious.

    Thanks Sarah!

    This has really inspired me to make a list of the small, annoying little things I keep ignoring, things that just need improving or a one off fix.

    I've already made up some new templates to speed up workflow at the office, cleaning off half the junk I keep on my desk (goodbye old mags!). I'm a little intimidated by the amount I have to confront on the domestic side, but I can't believe how many things I've let slide.

    Citizen D - it wasn't a voluntary switch from Firefox to IE. ;)

    I'm on a 64 bit Vista box, and Firefox wasn't coping. Constant screen freezes when I was doing work in our online CMS. :(

    Mind you, IE didn't solve everything - I had to drop back to a 32-bit version as documented here:


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