Stream Your Music From Anywhere.FM

anywherefm.png Listen to your iTunes library from any web browser using Anywhere.FM, a slick webapp that hosts and streams your music with its web-based player. The Anywhere.FM beta is almost too good to be true right now, with free unlimited uploads and listens (but the service may charge in the future). Download a free Anywhere.FM iTunes uploader application that will detect your library and upload all your songs to Anywhere.FM for you. The uploader app still has some kinks — it failed to find my iTunes library, with no option for me to set the path myself — and as you'd expect, uploads take some time. Also, Anywhere.FM only supports MP3s. But playback is fast and easy, registration is (currently) free, and it took me less than two seconds to start to listen to a favorite album using it. You can also share the listen URL with friends at Anywhere.FM; here's mine with a handful of songs. There are song rating, playlist and community features as well. Thanks, David!


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