Sony reveals PlayTV - a PVR for PS3

PlayStation fans will be happy with the news that Sony have announced PlayTV - a PVR for PS3. There's no release date for Australia or the US yet though.

Our friends over at Gizmodo have the story.

CNET also had a report up, saying that PlayTV will allow users to transfer programs onto their PSP for viewing on the go, or stream content from the PS3 to watch on the PSP. The report also said that Sony's announcement "studiously avoided any mention of cost, raising the possibility that, like the PlayStation Network, PlayTV could be totally free of charge."

PlayTV is meant to have a 7 day EPG, but as we noted the other day, we're still not sure when Australian EPGs will become available.

The CNET story also notes that Sony's also announced a new messaging service for the PSP. Called Go!Messenger, it will launch in 2008.

So, does this justify the pricetag of a PS3? You tell me!


    Good to see some Australian content making it's way on here. Who wants to read recycled US news with a .au tag ;)

    Hi! Thanks for being the first comment on the AU blog that wasn't from someone I know personally! :)
    You can expect regular Australian content on Lifehacker from now on, as well as all the usual stuff from the US - hopefully the best of both worlds.

    Cheers sarah!

    Look forward to some good news :)

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