Sharepoint – problems and alternatives

If your workplace is using Microsoft’s portal based collaboration and document management system, Sharepoint, this may be of interest.
Pia Waugh, FOSS advocate and one half of the Waugh Partners consultancy, made an interesting post which rounds up some links to articles discussing Sharepoint lock-in issues, and looking at some open source alternatives.

Sharepoint is scary. People that use it quite like it and are blissfully unaware of the sticky technology and licensing trap they’ve allowed into their environments. It provides some useful functions that could be found in many applications or bundled applications, however the trap is that once you deploy it, Microsoft have you pretty much under their thumb. You have to use their technologies, you have to use their office suite, their operating system, their data formats. It is very hard to move away from.

Sharepoint killers

She also followed up with a link to a ZDNet story: Jive goes head-to-head with Microsoft’s SharePoint

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