More Wiki Whitewashing

I think WikiScanner is the new best friend to a lot of IT journalists out there. Hot on the heels of our Prime Minister’s little Wiki oopsy last week, NSW Premier Morris Iemma has become the latest pollie to be caught out. Seems his staff took the virtual liquid paper to a pesky incident in which he called the then chief executive of Sydney’s Cross City Tunnel a “f—wit”. The story is in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

And since we told you about the brand new, government funded Netalert internet filter last week, it seems only fair that we mention that it’s already been hacked. By a 16 year old boy. In less than 30 minutes. And, his crack was able to leave up the content filter’s toolbox icon, so it could fool a parent into thinking the filter was still working fine. Millions of government money well spent, eh?

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