How to manage younger employees


Via Fast Company – finally someone’s written something intelligent on the subject of managing Gen Ys and what the writer calls “Millenials” (born after 1980).

It’s laid out in a myth-busting fashion, and whether you’re a boomer boss, or a Gen X or Y employee, you might find some useful tips here for bridging the generation gap in the workplace.

I didn’t agree with everything in the article, but it took a reasoned look at the expectations of older managers versus the expectations of younger staffers, and offered some useful tips such as rewarding staff in currency they value, not currency you value. The example he gave was rewarding younger staff with paid leave, because they value their free time.

Retaining Younger Workers in the Workplace [Fast Company]


  • Mmm! It’s refreshing to read an article that doesn’t look upon Gen Y’ers so negatively.. I passed it onto a few colleagues who manage younger staff. A worthwhile read, I thought.

    P.S. Great to see an Australian version of Lifehacker… It’s one of my few must-visit sites, and to have one with a local focus is even better!

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