Get Reverse Phone Lookups with Sullr

sullr.png Web site Sullr provides reverse phone number lookups with an attractive AJAX interface and Google Maps mashup. Next time you get a call on your phone from an unrecognized number, enter in the number and see if Sullr can grab the listing. If you're on your cell phone, you can point your mobile browser to for a mobile version (though it was down when I tested it). Sullr supports reverse lookups in the US, Germany, France, Italy and Argentina, and currently only looks up listed landlines (like most reverse lookups). If you've got a different favorite reverse phone lookup resource, share it in the comments.

[AU - Sullr's not available to Australians, obviously. But we've included the story just out of tech interest.]


    How do you change comments to Canadian?

    Is Sullr your website?

    It looks like this site/service is no longer working. It now redirects to (note they are not free).

    There is an australian alternative, that works fine and is free

    There's one more Paid reverse phone lookup service - Phone Detective. They have a huge database and provides access to variety of phone numbers such as landline numbers, business, Toll Free, cell phone numbers, VoIP, unlisted and blocked phone numbers. For more information about the service visit here

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