Fight Morning Grogginess

Fight Morning Grogginess

waking_up.jpgIf you’re not a morning person and need a quick fix to become alert in the wee hours of the morning, the Monster blog lists 10 ways you can easily shake the sleepiness off. While some of their tips include the obvious (like drinking coffee), they also suggest that it helps to drive (with the windows open), take a cold shower, have an engaging conversation or read the newspaper. If you can’t peel yourself away from the computer before bedtime, these tips from Monster are worth a try. Photo by agroni.


  • I think morning corpse/zombie is a very adequate description of my state.

    Possibly because I spend far too much time at night working… Then after work I keep browsing the net to unwind… Or something 😛

    I seriously need more ways to wake up well.
    I actually grew to hate my most favourite song because I set it as my alarm.

    I do find that putting my phone on vibrate and leaving it on a desk is enough to wake me up, and it usually annoys me less than the piercing volume from regular sounds it seems to achieve only when I’m just waking up.

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