Facebook – a national timesink

It will come as a shock, I know, but a new study has painted social networking website Facebook as a $5 billion waste of time.

In the spirit of ‘what not to do’, and just because it was an amusing read, I’d also point you to ZDNet’s Five tips for stealthy Facebooking which includes gems like:

5. Watch those status updates
Yes, it’s incredibly tempting to change your status as soon as you think of a witty way to incorporate that often restrictive “is”. But keep in mind that status updates can be received as an RSS feed. Should your boss be a subscriber, there could be trouble. Observe.

8:24am Ella is considering pulling a sickie after last night.
9:05am Ella is late for work.
10:52am Ella is sooo hungover this morning blarg…jagermeister FTW!!
1:08pm Ella is struggling cuz work is boooring.
4:32pm Ella is on the home stretch…can’t wait to get out of this office.

4:45pm Ella is unemployed.

Cheers for that Ella.

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