Diabetic Days – new website launches

Diabetic Days – new website launches

We love breaking news, so I’m pleased to tell you about the launch of a new Australian website, Diabetic Days.

Founder Raj Deut gave us the scoop:

It’s a website & service that allows diabetics anywhere at anytime submit their data (via website, text message or email) to be recorded online. The data is graphed and displayed in a format diabetics are familiar with, as it mimics an insulin diary.

We thought it looked like a useful tool, but though we’d get an insulin-dependent friend to check it out for us. Arwen O’Connor came back with this feedback:

It actually looks surprisingly useful. Now that I’ve managed to find their privacy policy, I’ll be setting up an account for the next time I’m due to visit my endocrinologist; seems a lot easier to use than a diary.

Arwen also suggested that the diary would probably be most useful for Type 1’s (juvenile-onset diabetics), since most adult onsets don’t need to track things to the same level of detail.

Thanks for the feedback, Arwen!


  • Having registered and used Diabetic Days for only 2 days, not only have I found it too easy to log my readings (I prefer the SMS method) but I’ve also found myself testing my BGLs more regularly keeping me more in tune with how I’m going. Great work Raj.

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