Cubase SX3 Editors Keys


Tipster Cooper came up with an idea for the musically inclined amongst us... Cubase SX3 Editors Keys.

Cooper writes "I've been using this product for a few weeks now and it really does what it says. I produce electronic music (hard trance & rave) in my spare time outside of work, which generally means hours on end in the studio. With these keys that I have stuck to my keyboard, I can honestly say i have increased my productivity in the studio by at least 25% as I no longer need to fumble around trying to remember the shortcuts.

This in turn has helped my relationship with my GF, now that I can get more done in less time she no longer needs to drag me out of my studio."

The link above goes to a British website, but if you look around I'm pretty sure you could find a local supplier.

Thanks for the tip, Cooper. :)


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