Contrastream – a new social music website –

Contrastream – a new social music website –

At CNET, Harrison Hoffman has blogged about a new social music website called Contrastream, which he says allows you to vote on new indie music using a system similar to Digg.

One feature of Contrastream that I really like is that if there is a YouTube music video or performance for a particular song, it is embedded in that song’s page. The YouTube video is accompanied by information on where you can buy the album as well as a link to that band’s Web site.

They also feature a “Flag as Sellout” button to try to keep the site true to its indie music roots. I see potential for hilarious “Wikipedia editing wars” between trolls and diehard music fans – hopefully they’ve engineered it in a way to avoid abuse of the “sellout” button. 🙂

Apparently Contrastream goes live on September 3, but you can try for an early invitation at their website by entering your email address.

Contrastream gives indie music a boost

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