Build a fully encrypted NAS on OpenBSD

Mark Hoekstra of Geek Technique offers this article on how to build a fully encrypted NAS on OpenBSD.

This is one for the more hardcore hackers in the audience. He assumes a fair understanding of the Unix command line interface and familiarity with OpenBSD including its installation.

And why build your own encrypted NAS?

Well, I believe that my data is my data and not somebody elses. I’m not paranoia nor a pirate but having all my personal data in my network encrypted gives me a peace of mind. I mean, in a time where there are some private(!) organizations who think they can tell you/me/everybody what they should and shouldn’t do, it’s time to take some precautions, that’s all. Like I said, it’s about a peace of mind and of course, because we can. ^_^

How to build a fully encrypted NAS on OpenBSD [via Hackaday]

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