Adding a YouTube tag to phpBB3

Bayard Randal was using the open source online forum software application phpBB3, and decided to create a hack to allow users to easily embed YouTube videos in their forum posts.

Click the link to see his walkthrough.Using phpBB3 Release Candidate 4 - released 28 July 2007.

1. Log in to the Administrative Control Panel (ACP), and click the Posting tab.

2. Click the Add a new BBCode button in the bottom right hand corner. phpbb3_1.png

3. Enter the following under BBCode Usage:

[youtube] {TEXT}[/youtube]

4. Enter the following under HTML replacement:

5. (Optional) Enter the following under Help line: Use the ID of the youtube video.

6. Ensure that Display on posting page is checked.

7. Click Submit

You should now have a YouTube button available from your posting interface.


To use it, simply enter the ID of the YouYube video between the BBCode.


If your youtube URIL is:

your BBCode in your post would appear:

[youtube] areyUfCNFxY[/youtube]

Thanks for the tip, Bayard!


    Sure thing! :D

    phpBB3 is really flexible - you can just about embed anything in a post now with custom bbcode, even iframes!

    i had install the code.
    When i make a new topic the "you tube" botton shows up but when i make Submit it shows the topic like this;
    embed src="" wmode="transparent" style="width:400px; height:326px;" id="VideoPlayback" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars="">

    Instead of the movie, any tip ?

      Hi Fred,
      If your still having problems look at this video

    Thank you! Nice tutorial!

    Excellent - works a treat.

    Thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial.



    As I took a look at phpbb forum but was not still able to set up my youtube video posting in phpbb3.

    As I googled and came here, I finally made it.
    Thanks a bunch!


    Excellent a treat !

    Yeah ... finally its working ..... Thank you very much bro ... thank you .... Great work .. keep going ...

    Code update for YouTube advanced player (thanks for this great page)

    Can you help me to create a bbcode for introducing a slide show on phpBB3, please? I'm portuguese and I dont find this information in anywhere.



    This works great for the stqandard youtube but not the custom with 746 x 423 custom player in a phpbb 3, can anyone help ith that. Thanks berto

    Awesome, I was just looking for this. I even asked about this thing on phpbb community but they told me a very long procedure which I couldn't follow because it was a bit complicated.

    But this one is like a magic :)

    Thank you so much.

    I followed instructions but it just comes up as a white box - using phpbb3 3.0.2

    so cool

    click pls

    Is there a way to see embedded video for those posts where people already posted the entire url of youtube video?

    This worked great! Thank you so much!

    Fantastic info! Just taken over duties on a forum and knew nothing about php. This was easy to follow

    If it is not working, go to the General tab and Purge your cash. It works a treat after that.

    Windows Movie Maker doesn't let me put videos from my digi cam because it's in the wrong format so what converter can I use?
    I want one that's pretty decent quality, doesn't cost anything, doesn't stick the logo on my videos and it converts all of the video, not just half of it.
    I used to have prism something but then my trial run ran out so yeah, I can't use that >.<
    And zamzar has a limit of 100MB :l

    Help please?

    Thank you for this walk through. Very easy to follow.

    Thank you, wonderful for beginners!

    i cannot get this to work and cannot find a "purge cache" anywhere in the acp, let alone the general tab.

    it simply puts [youtube]theyoutubecode[/youtube]

      If your still having problems look at this video

    Has anyone here tested it?
    Can anybody teach me about it?
    I would seriously like to use it

    Can anyone enlighten me?

    I am thinking of puting youtobe to my ipad.

    Hey there, just wondering, I would like to allow our users the ability to just wrap the entire youtube URL, is this possible? Some people simply find it too hard to copy/extract the ID.

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