Make a hitlist of your daily roadblocks


Ok, here’s a challenge that I’m making to myself this week – you might find it helpful too.

I’ve noticed quite a few little timewasting roadblocks that I hit every day. I’m talking about often little, often repetitive things that I shrug off, instead of taking the 5 minutes to actually fix once and for all.

Here’s a classic example (which fortunately is no longer my problem since I got a new PC). My old Windows PC was about 7 years old, and every time I booted up (and that was every day, because I didn’t like leaving the machine on overnight), it popped up an error message saying that some software had failed to install properly. I had to click several screens to get rid of the abortive install and get on with the startup of my PC. That error message used to drive me nuts, but the Windows Installation Wizard tool couldn’t find the sofware it referred to, so I left the damn thing there. Argh!

Now I have a shiny new 64-bit Vista box, but already I can see these little timewasters creeping in to slow down my day to day work. One of them is that I’ve got duplicates of my Gmail appearing in my email inbox. Another is that I’ve switched web browsers but I haven’t fixed my email preferences to open links in the correct browser, so I’m ending up with two open browsers.

Pretty much no-brainer stuff to fix, but I need to sit down and take five minutes to do so. So I’ll keep my running sheet and have a to-fix list by the end of the week.

I’ll post the full list on Friday. Do you have any annoying roadblocks in your day to day computing life (or in real life)? Keep a list and we can compare notes on Friday. 🙂


  • first!!!!! (maybe even the first post for LH AU?)

    Here’s a couple of my daily roadblocks:
    – having to put in 2 passwords each day – 1 for my pc, the other to access my server
    – SPAM!!! i’m sure this can be filtered out with a spam filter
    – subsribed email newsletters that i no longer read – it would take 2 minutes to unsubsribe!!

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