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Keep Your Small Business Team Motivated With Simple Company Traditions

As you grow your small business you will naturally want to recruit new people into your company. That changes the workplace dynamic and it can be a challenge to keep everybody motivated, especially when the going gets tough. Introducing a company tradition could bring the team closer together and ensure your staff are on course to continue to grow the business with you.

Small Businesses Should Use Password Managers For Business Continuity

Small business owners often wear many hats in their own company and keep a lot of information in their heads, including login details to a multitude of online accounts that their businesses rely on. Having a password manager to store usernames and passwords for these accounts can help keep their businesses going should anything bad happens to them.

Visualise Your Ideal Inbox To Reduce Email Clutter

It’s hard enough managing a small business but when you have to worry about your overflowing email inbox it can be overwhelming. A good way to start decluttering your inbox is to picture what you want it to look like.

How I Succeeded: JAMF's Jamie Davidson

How I Succeeded is a regular series on Lifehacker where we ask business leaders for the secrets and tactics behind their success. Today: Jamie Davidson from JAMF

Brisbane Is Playing Host To Australia's First Cashless Cafe

Do you use your credit card or your phone to pay for your morning coffee, or are you still holding on to that pocketful of coins? Sydney-based coffee roastery and cafe chain Pablo & Rusty’s is opening Australia’s first cashless cafe in Brisbane, ditching the notes and coins in favour of credit cards, phone-based payments and even smart coffee cups.

How Tax Deductions Can Help You Invest In Better Tech

There are plenty of incentives baked into the tax code for business and individuals — to both assist with the day-to-day and invest in new gear. While it may not always make sense to claim a deduction, doing so can be a big help if you need some new tech.

SMBs Pessimistic About The Future

While recent budget promises made by the Federal Government have been somewhat favourable to SMBs, business owners still don’t have a positive outlook on what lies ahead in the future. That’s according to a survey by accounting software vendor MYOB.

Use Online Video Testimonials To Bolster Enquiries To Your Small Business

It’s great to receive good feedback from customers and often that comes in the form of written online reviews that businesses can then display proudly on their websites. But the most powerful way to convince potential customers to ask about your small businesses’ goods and services may be through video testimonials.

The 10 Most Common Workplace Accidents In Australia

For some of us, the modern workplace is like a second home, where most of our waking hours are spent. Whether you have a cushy office job or a physically demanding one, the more time you spend at work, the more likely it becomes that you may succumb to an unexpected workplace accident or medical emergency. Worse still, you could even lose your life. We look at the ten most common types of workplace injuries — and how to avoid them.

Vodafone Ups Its Game In Wooing SMBs With New Mobile Plans And Business Apps

National telco Vodafone is ramping up its play in the SMB space with a new range of business mobile plans, additional apps for its Ready Business Apps marketplace and a partnership with GoDaddy to provide domain names. Here are the details.

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