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How I Succeeded: Digital Jungle's Dr Matthew McDougall

How I Succeeded is a regular series on Lifehacker where we ask business leaders for the secrets and tactics behind their success. Today: Dr Matthew McDougall from Digital Jungle.

Are You Cut Out For The Entrepreneur Life?

There are many people who want to quit their ‘9-to-5’ jobs to become their own boss so they can set their own work hours and agenda. This kind of freedom is appealing and it motivates people to strike out on their own and become entrepreneurs. But if you think working for yourself will be easy, startup mentor Jon Westenberg is here to give you a reality check.

How Channel Nine Killed Quickflix, Australia's Streaming Pioneer

Quickflix became the first victim of the streaming wars in Australia this week, announcing it is in voluntary administration, a move many anticipated. The company founded in 2003 by CEO Stephen Langsford’s garage in Perth, was originally an online DVD rental service where customers paid a flat fee to have an unlimited number of DVDs delivered to their door — just like Netflix in the US.

Ask Customers For A Reason When They Ask For A Discount

You can’t blame customers for driving a hard bargain but sometimes it’s hard to say no when they ask for a discount for your goods or services. Often you don’t want to refuse as it may damage an existing relationship. One way to approach this situation is to ask your customer why they want a discount in the first place.

Australia's Own Streaming Service, Quickflix, Is Going Under

Since late 2011, Quickflix has been a quiet performer in Australia’s increasingly crowded subscription video on demand market, with an all-you-can-stream video option as well as rentals of TV and movies alike. Long before that, it was a DVD mailing rental service, founded back in 2002. Today is another big bump in the road for Quickflix, though, and it may well be the last: the company has been placed into voluntary administration and might be dismantled.

Give Yourself More Time And Energy By Doing Less

Small business owners are constantly under pressure to work more and often still have to fulfil family duties. It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. One entrepreneur thinks the only way to get more time back and give yourself an energy boost is to do less. Here’s what she has to say.

The Deceptively Simple Workspace

Redditor mrrej89 posted this beautiful workspace to the Battlestations subreddit. At first blush, it’s simple, almost a little boring, but then you look more closely at the details — from the lamp to the keyboard to the monitor stand to the bookshelf, it’s simple, but all well done and well built.

Change The Way You Work As Your Small Business Grows

Growth is never a bad thing for a business. As your operation changes from a one-man band to a team of 10, you need to ensure that you alter the way you run the company. What worked when you were going at it alone may not be the best approach for a growing business. We have some advice on this topic.

Don't Take On More Work From Clients When Your Plate Is Already Full

When you’re running a small business, it’s tempting to take on every piece of work that comes your way. You’re afraid to knock back work because you might lose a customer or end up making less money that month. But sometimes it’s okay to say no, especially when you’re already busy. Here’s why.

Can Anyone Actually Afford To Work Three Days A Week?

A new research report has found a three-day working week translates to healthier and more productive employees, particularly in the over-40s demographic. Apparently, a part-time job provides the best balance between keeping the brain active and living a happy, stress-free existence. It sounds pretty great, but who can actually afford to only work three days a week? We analyse the statistics.

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