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Despite FCC Rules, Linksys Will Keep Its Routers Open And Let You Hack Them

Back in 2015, the US FCC introduced new guidelines that looked like a threat to anyone wanting to hack and install open firmware on their routers. They backed off, but a lot of manufacturers are still locking their devices down, just in case. Linksys, the company announced last week, isn’t one of them.

Is It Legal To Not Report A Crime?

Let’s say you have information about a serious crime that, for whatever reason, you don’t wish to disclose to police. Perhaps you fear repercussions from the perpetrator, have close ties to one of the guilty parties or were told about the crime in confidence long after it had been committed. Is it legal to hold your tongue and pretend you saw/heard nothing?

How To Search The Deep Web Safely

The deep web and its inner recess, the dark web — those less well-trodden parts of the internet beyond the reach of Google and Bing — are not for the faint-hearted or untrained. With the right tools, however, there’s little to fear and plenty to discover. Here’s how you can start exploring the deep web without having to worry about your digital well-being.

Use Facebook's Capture The Flag Platform To Test Your Hacking Skills And Learn Cybersecurity

Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions train participants in information security and technical skills, including things like encryption and reverse engineering. Facebook recently open-sourced its own CTF platform so you can test and develop your hacking skills.

Top Five VPN Service Providers For 2016

We last updated our list of best VPN providers in 2014, but a lot has changed since then. With Netflix blocking VPNs and privacy becoming more of a concern than ever, the parameters of a good VPN for Aussie users have shifted. Some popular choices have fallen out of favour of late, so we’ve had a look at what VPN users in Australia are recommending.

Opera Releases A Free And Unlimited VPN For iPhone

iOS: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are often a costly affair, but Opera, the company best known for its browser, released a free, unlimited VPN for iOS today that allows you to access the internet securely from a variety of locations.

Big Data Breach: Change Your Gmail, Hotmail AND Yahoo Passwords

A number of email services including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo have fallen victim to a big data breach, which has allegedly exposed the usernames and passwords of millions of users. Time to update your passwords.

It's Time To Future-Proof Australia's Copyright Laws For The 21st Century

The award-winning Australian author Jackie French is wrong. In her open letter, she blasts the Productivity Commission’s report on intellectual property, released last month. The report, though, makes a number of sensible recommendations that will help modernise Australia’s copyright laws for the 21st century. Economically, the report is rigorous and comprehensive.

WIN! An Apple Watch And Acronis True Image Backup Software

Thanks to Acronis, we have an Apple Watch Sport (black) and a copy of Acronis True Image backup software to give away worth a combined value of $559. To win the prize, simply tell us your data loss horror story — be it a business server catastrophe, a stolen mobile phone, or anything in-between. We also have nine copies of Acronis True Image up for grabs as runner-up prizes. Hop to it!

Why Does Australia Need Submarines At All?

The Australian government has committed to spending A$50 billion on a fleet of 12 new submarines, contracted to French company DCNS and to be built in South Australia. But how will these submarines meet with Australia’s strategic requirements, particularly beyond 2030, when the first of the new submarines will become operational?

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