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Make A Tripwire Alarm With A Basic Mousetrap

Whether you’re trying to catch an intruder or give someone a good scare, you can build this simple tripwire alarm in only a few minutes.

Ask LH: What's The Point Of Incognito Mode And Other 'Secret' Browsers?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve noticed that most internet browsers have a “secret” or “incognito” mode in their options. I was just wondering what the benefits of using this mode are? Does it hide my browsing history from everyone, or just people who use my computer?

Three Ways To Remotely Monitor Someone Else's Computer

Spying on someone’s computer is bad. As in “go to jail” bad. However, there are a few very narrow exceptions, like monitoring your kids or employees. If you fall in this category (or just want to know how someone might be monitoring you), here’s how.

How To Build A Portable Hacking Station With A Raspberry Pi And Kali Linux

Cracking Wi-Fi passwords, spoofing accounts and testing networks for exploits is all fun enough, but if you want to take the show on the road, you’ll want an easily portable rig. Enter Kali Linux and the Raspberry Pi.

Google's AboutMe Page Manages What Information People Can See About You

Even if you don’t use Google+, you’ve probably entered a bunch of information into your Google profile from various places. Now you can manage it all in one spot in Google’s AboutMe section.

Ask LH: Does A VPN App Hide All My Phone's Internet Traffic?

Dear Lifehacker, does a VPN app on a phone make all internet traffic go through it? I’m heading to London and Iceland and want to use unsecured Wi-Fi for banking and email. Do the VPNs push Safari as well as things like the Facebook app through them to be secure? Cheers, Mickus.

Prevent Gatekeeper From Reenabling Itself In OS X With A Terminal Command

Mac: Gatekeeper is a great feature in OS X that prevents applications from unidentified developers from opening up, which helps keep malware off your computer. Advanced users don’t really need it though, but when you turn it off, it reenables itself after 30 days. Thankfully Terminal can solve this problem.

Browsecurely Brings Secure Browsing To Any App On iOS

iOS: Tons of apps have built-in browsers and a number of them use their own code instead of Safari. This lets them track what you’re doing and tends to be an underwhelming experience. Browsecurely fixes that so you can open any link with Safari regardless of where you’re at.

Set A Passcode On Apple TV To Make Purchases Faster While Retaining Security

Entering in a massive, complicated iTunes password every time you want to buy something on an Apple TV is a pain, but disabling the password altogether isn’t exactly secure. Over on Apple Insider, they suggest setting up a passcode to retain that security while making your life a little easier.

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