Tinfoil For Facebook Puts Your Mobile Browsing In A Privacy Sandbox

Android: Part of the problem with Facebook privacy is that you can still be tracked even when you’re not on Facebook itself. Tinfoil for Facebook helps prevent this by browsing the mobile Facebook site in a sandbox.

Two Ways To Securely Lock Your Bike On A Comb Rack

We’ve talked about how to properly lock your bicycle before, but some bike racks — particularly cheaper comb racks — might require a few tricks. Here’s what you need to do.

Ask LH: How Can I Run Surveillance Cameras In A Remote Location?

Hey Lifehacker, My father runs a factory which is about 20kms away from our home. It’s in a remote area with iffy phone signals and no internet connection. Trucks comes at around midnight every day for loading, but my father suspects the drivers are also stealing some goods during this time. What’s the best option for monitoring the area? Does it matter that the cameras can’t be connected?

NOVA's CyberSecurity Lab Shows How Tricky Data Security Really Is

Keeping data secure is no easy task, and no one knows that better than the engineers who work to secure applications, networks and databases every day. To get an idea how difficult it can be — and learn about security in the process, this NOVA Lab puts you in their shoes.

Seven Persuasion Tactics Repeatedly Used By Scammers

We’ve all been manipulated, and it’s no fun. What’s worse is when that manipulation costs us a lot more than we were prepared to give. It’s good to know the persuasion tactics we fall for over and over again.

Another iOS Exploit Allows Untrusted Users To Access Siri

Since Siri was announced, it seems like there’s always a new way for people to use it against it you. It turns out iOS 8 is no different.

Hide App Store Purchases With A Left Swipe

If you’ve set up family sharing on your iOS device, you’re sharing all your purchasing history with your family. But maybe you don’t want to flick through your kid’s 50 freemium game downloads just to get to your list of apps. Thankfully, AppleInsider shows us how to hide purchases.

Windows 10's 'Keylogger' Fiasco Has Been Blown Out Of Proportion

Over the past few days, numerous news outlets have been publishing articles stating that the Windows 10 Technical Preview is a “keylogger”, is “spying” on you, or collecting “private data”. Many of these are, at best, misleading.

How To Hide Files On Your Computer

Sometimes, you need to keep files on your computer that you just don’t want other people to see. Whether it’s a gift list or that porn stash, hiding files is easy. Here’s how to do it.

App Directory: The Best Two-Factor Authentication App For iPhone

Two-factor authentication is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself against getting your accounts hacked, and you should enable it now if you haven’t already. Authy is our favourite two-factor app on the block.