This Calculator Helps You Crack Any Master Combination Lock In Eight Tries

Forgot your Master lock combo? Or want some incentive to not use a Master padlock? There’s a website for that.

AVG Crumble Blocks Tracking On Sites You Visit, No Lists Required

Chrome: Browser cookies aren’t inherently evil, but third-party cookies can lead to unwanted tracking. AVG’s new Chrome extension Crumble aims to alleviate that problem by blocking trackers, without breaking the sites you visit.

Do You Lock Your Phone With A Passcode?

We all know you should protect your phone with a passcode or lock pattern, but that doesn’t always seem convenient. So be honest: do you lock your phone?

This Video Explains The Important Benefits Of A Proper Fighting Stance

While fighting should be avoided at all costs, everyone should know a little self-defence in case of emergency. This video explains what proper fighting stance should look like and why it’s half the battle.

Ask LH: Can I Trust OneDrive With My Personal Data?

Hi Lifehacker, I recently signed up for Microsoft’s OneDrive, but I’m still not sure: can data I store there be manipulated, copied or accessed by Microsoft staff? I have all the personal information on my drive now synced, and it’s something of a concern.

Google Settings Is A Super-Useful Android App You've Missed

Way back in 2013, Google quietly added the Google Settings app to Android. At first, it didn’t have much, but it has added a lot of useful features over the years, especially for the privacy-conscious. If you haven’t checked it in a while, it’s worth a second look.

How To Use Private Browsing Mode On Every Platform

Private Browsing limits the amount that your online browsing habits are tracked and recorded. Here’s how to enable it for every major platform.

D-Link Apologises For Router Security

An issue which affected D-Link’s routers is in the process of being patched, says the company.

Ask LH: How Can You Trust A VPN Provider?

Hey Lifehacker, It seems that VPNs are about to become a lot more attractive to Australian downloaders. Some claim not to keep any logs of any traffic or meta-data, but how can one trust that this is actually the case? It would be a perfect honeypot for a government agency or media organisation to set up and catch people specifically trying to hide their traffic. Would there be any recourse if that happened?

Type 'Find My Phone' Into Google To Locate Your Android Device

The Android Device Manager has been a useful security feature for a while, but hunting down the right bookmark when you can’t find your phone is a mild hassle. Now, instead, you can simply type “find my phone” into Google from any desktop you’re logged in on.