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Did You Fib On Your Census Form?

By now, many of you have managed to fill out the eCensus during one of its sporadic appearances online. With all the hoopla surrounding privacy breaches and flaky security, a lot of Aussies are risking stiff fines by deliberately fudging the survey with fake answers. Was anyone completely truthful? Take part in our poll to find out!

LastPass Authenticator Now Has A One-Button Approval Option

Android/iOS: Using an authenticator app on your phone is one of the better ways to use two factor authentication. Now, LastPass Authenticator has an even easier option, by adding support for one-button logins on many services.

The Australian Census Website Isn't Working Again

Well, that didn’t last long. Less than ten hours after its “triumphant” return, the online Census has been knocked offline again. Worst Census ever.

In Numbers: All The Ways Australian Businesses Suck At Security [Infographic]

If there’s one thing the 2016 eCensus outage has highlighted, it’s that no organisation can take any chances with the privacy, confidentiality and security of the personal information it collects. Unfortunately, it would seem that hundreds of Australian businesses aren’t any better than the ABS. A large-scale survey by IT security firm Shred-it revealed accidental data loss by an employee to be of greater concern than deliberate theft or sabotage. Despite this, training and policies relating to employees mishandling confidential information remains almost non-existent in many organisations. This infographic lays out the damaging facts and figures.

The Australian Census Website Didn't Just Crash, It Was Attacked

Last night’s Census lived up to its most popular hashtag of #CensusFail, with the online portal shutting down at 7:55pm. The Australian Bureau of Statistics confirmed at 11:00pm that the website would continue to stay down until today, and now the reason has been given — the site received no less than four denial of service (DDoS) attacks by overseas hackers, according to the ABS.

Ask LH: Will I Really Get Fined For Not Completing The Australian Census?

Dear Lifehacker, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and had a recommended page which was by Census Australia. I started going through the comments to see what people were saying and was astonished to see multiple responses by the ABS talking about a $180 fine if we don’t complete the Census. Is this true? Can they really fine us for refusing to divulge every bit of information we have about ourselves? What are my legal rights here?

How Hackers Get Your Passwords In Non-Technical Ways, And What To Do About It

We all know the limitations of strong passwords, or of reusing passwords, but the most common ways passwords are stolen are the simplest, and the least technical. This video from The Media Show explains how those methods work and what you can do about it (using puppets, too).

Chromebooks Get PIN Unlock In Latest Canary Builds Of Chrome OS

Chrome OS: Currently, if you want to add a lock screen to your Chromebook, you either have to use your Google password (which should be long) or pair it with a smartphone. Soon, you may be able to use a PIN instead.

Is It Legal To Leave The Census Blank?

In the lead up to Census night, some Australians are very much against participating as this will be the first time name and address information will be retained by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The Census is compulsory, as the ABS continues to remind us, but is it legal to leave the survey form blank? Let’s find out.

How To Keep Your Name Off The Census Without Getting Fined

Census night is tomorrow. This year’s Census will be the first one to retain name and address information from respondents. If you’re still against filling out the lengthy and probing survey due to privacy concerns, you may be able to get away with leaving key information out without being slapped a hefty fine. Here’s how.

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