Disconnect Mobile Blocks Malicious Ads And Malware On Your Smartphone

Android/iOS: Disconnect, one of our favourite privacy-protecting browser tools, has a mobile app that keeps you safe on your smartphone as well. Disconnect Mobile blocks malicious ads that track your activities, blocks malware disguised as ads, and offers protection against suspected malware sites.

All The iOS 8 Apps That Support Touch ID Integration (So Far)

One of iOS 8′s minor new features is Touch ID integration with any app, so apps can be secured with your fingerprint instead of a passcode. Here’s a list of the apps that have updated to support it.

Check An Email's Salutation To Avoid Phishing Scams

Sometimes the best way to avoid phishing is simply knowing what to look for. Ian Paul of PC World recommends checking the salutation if you’re unsure about an email.

Chat Lock Protects Floating Message Apps Such As Facebook's Chat Heads

Android: Facebook introduced a genuinely cool feature with Chat Heads, but there’s one problem with it; you can open it anywhere, so per-app security PINs aren’t very helpful. Chat Lock fixes this problem.

1Password For iOS Supports Touch ID, New Freemium Model

iOS: Today, one of our favourite password managers, 1Password, has been updated to support the newest version of iOS. To celebrate, it’s now going freemium.

This Graphic Shows How To Remove Embarrassing Photos From Social Media

Even if you think you’re sharing or storing photos privately online, there’s always a chance that your pictures could inadvertently get into the wrong hands. Here’s how to completely remove photos you don’t want shared from Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter.

Make Sure Your Phone's Photos Aren't Revealing Your Location

Your photos might be revealing your location without you realising it. Here’s how to make sure your phone doesn’t log the location of each photo you take.

Protect Your ATM PIN Or Lock Combo From Thieves With This Quick Trick

There’s a new way for thieves to steal your ATM PIN code or find out which numbers you pressed on other keypads (like number door locks). All they need is an iPhone case that shows infrared. You can prevent it with a simple trick, though.

How To Set Parental Controls In The Google Play Store

Android: It’s important for parents to know how to set media device restrictions for censorship and protected purchases. Follow these directions to keep your child and bank account safe.

TunnelBear Mobile Is An Elegant, Easy Mobile VPN That Keeps You Safe

Android/iOS: A good VPN is a must-have. We have some favourites to recommend, but finding a good phone-friendly VPN is another matter. TunnelBear, one of our favourite services to get around location-restrictions, just launched updated mobile apps that make mobile security and privacy a snap.