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Fight Off Stress And Burnout By Mentally Planning For Work On Your Commutes

Long commutes might seem like the perfect time to relax and indulge in a pleasurable activity like reading a book, listening to music or podcasts, or even taking a nap, but you’re actually better off thinking about work. A recent study suggests you can make your transit time more bearable and lower your stress levels if you do.

Jump Start Your Motivation By Forcing Yourself To Make More Choices

We all have days where our motivation falls flat. Just the thought of getting started with your work is overwhelming. If you need to get the gears turning, you can motivate yourself simply by making a choice, big or small.

Use Sierra's Picture-in-Picture Mode On Unsupported Videos With A Double Right-Click

Picture-in-picture video is a cool feature of macOS Sierra, but only a small handful of videos online seem to support it. One big one that’s missing is YouTube. However, iDownloadBlog points out you can force a video into Picture-in-picture with a double right-click.

How To Make A Bootable MacOS Sierra USB Flash Drive

If you want to do a clean install of macOS Sierra, or you have multiple Macs to install it on, then a bootable flash drive is your best bet. Here’s how to make one.

The Feedback Loop From Hell

There’s an insidious quirk to your brain that, if you let it, can drive you absolutely batty. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: You get anxious about confronting somebody in your life. That anxiety cripples you and you start wondering why you’re so anxious. Now you’re becoming anxious about being anxious. Oh no! Doubly anxious! Now you’re anxious about your anxiety, which is causing more anxiety. Quick, where’s the whiskey?

Dropbox Isn't Playing Nice With MacOS Sierra, Here's How To Fix It

Mac: If you just upgraded to macOS Sierra and your Dropbox app is acting up, you’re not alone. Even with the latest version of the app, some users are experiencing strange behaviour — error messages, confusing syncing icons and so on. Here’s what you can do to mitigate the annoyances.

Get Your Free MacOS Sierra Upgrade Here

MacOS Sierra is finally out of beta — which means you can download the final version for free from the Apple Store. Get it here.

Use Android Nougat's Split-Screen On Apps Like Pokemon GO That Don't Support It

Android: Arguably, Android Nougat’s biggest new feature is the ability to run multiple apps at once. However, developers — like those behind Pokemon GO — can opt out. Fortunately, you can force apps to run in split-screen mode anyway.

All The New Stuff In MacOS Sierra

Apple’s just released macOS Sierra, and while it’s a minor update, it does include Siri, a universal clipboard and a handful of other new features. Let’s take a quick look at all the new stuff.

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