Self Destruct Automatically Deletes Files After A Set Period Of Time

Mac: Chances are that you don’t need to keep all your files around forever. If you’re looking for a simple way to delete files on a schedule, Self Destruct uses OS X’s tagging system to automatically destroy files.

Ask LH: How Do I Work Out Which Power Supply Unit I Need?

Hello Lifehacker, I have been wondering, how can I calculate how much power my computer needs? I’m really confused about this, so please explain how I can calculate how many watts my power supply unit (PSU) will need if I upgrade. And any other tips on choosing one?

Embrace Your Rookie Status And Focus On Innovating

Being the rookie is difficult, but it’s not always bad thing. Susan Gregg Koger says rookie status forced her to be innovative, resulting in her $US100 million company.

Add 'Find And Replace' Functionality To Your Browser

Chrome/Firefox: Find and replace is one of those handy little features in Word that isn’t really available anywhere else. If you’d like to add it to Chrome and Firefox, two extensions, Search and Replace, and Find and Replace, do the trick.

Post-It Plus Captures, Organises And Shares Physical Sticky Notes

iOS: Capturing sticky notes with your smartphone camera is nothing new. However, the new Post-It Plus smartly detects any sticky notes, allows you to organise them individually or as groups, and lets you share them.

Form Better Habits By Making Them More Convenient

Managing our habits is one of the trickiest things to do. Gretchen Rubin uses the Strategy of Convenience to make it easier to stick to new habits.

How To Find Your Life Purpose? Escape Your Bubble

Let’s say you’re feeling unmotivated, unsure of yourself, aimless, can’t find your passion, directionless, not clear on what your purpose in life is. You’re in good company — most people are in the same boat.

Integrate, Rather Than Emulate, The Behaviour Of Your Role Models

Learning from others is fantastic. Examining a list of Genghis Khan’s productivity habits and changing your entire personality to fit them is less helpful. When taking cues from your role models, focus on the tips that can fit into your life, rather than trying to become someone else.

'Diligence Isn't A Personality Type. It's A Skill You Learn'

We like to think that certain skills are innate. Writer Shawn Blanc reminds us that most skills needed to be creative and successful are learned over time.

This Flowchart Explains The Severity Of Different Types Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious offence, but it can sometimes be hard to determine if you’ve actually plagiarised or not. This flow chart helps you determine if you’ve plagiarised, and explains the severity of each type of violation.