Welcome To Lifehacker Evil Week 2014

At Lifehacker HQ, October means one thing: Evil Week. Welcome to the 2014 version of our annual guide to the dark side.

Five Best Linux Desktop Environments

When you’re customising your Linux install or choosing a distribution, the desktop environment is a key decision. There are tons to choose from, all with different benefits and features. There may be no one single “best” choice, but this week we’re looking at five of them, based on your nominations.

SipSnapp Scans A Beer List And Rates It For You

iOS: If you aren’t a beer expert, you might not know if you’ll like a certain beer. With so many craft beers out there, you’re likely to find one you’ve never heard of. SipSnapp takes a beer list from a restaurant and looks up ratings for each brew.

If You're Feeling Brave, You Can Get Android 5 On Your Nexus 4 Right Now

Eventually, most of Google’s hardware will get Android 5, though the speed at which this process occurs for older devices might not be to your satisfaction. If you’re rocking a Nexus 4 and can’t wait for the official rollout of Android’s next major update, you can get it now if you’re happy to engage in some tinkering.

Top 10 Hidden Features Of OS X Yosemite

Yosemite is here with a bunch of new features, but a few of the best things are hidden away. Here are 10 hidden features you might not have noticed yet.

Four User-Friendly Alternatives To Popular (But Complex) Android Apps

There are a lot of great apps out there, but not every great app can be a looker. While the fan favourites are great, here are some alternatives to the apps that have the steepest learning curves.

Fix Your Slow EVO 840 SSD With Samsung's 'Performance Restoration' Tool

In September, Samsung acknowledged widespread user reports of performance issues with its 840 EVO range of solid state drives and that it was working on a fix. Now it’s come good on its word, releasing a utility to address the problem, but only for specific setups.

Dictate Any Command To Your Mac With Automator

Mac: One of the lesser known features in Yosemite is a new Dictation Command option in Automator. As MacWorld points out, this means you can set up a command to launch any Automator action you want, including launching apps and ejecting disks.

Turn An Old Laptop And Meccano Into A Cool External Monitor With Stand

Even if an old laptop no longer has the speed you need, the screen might still be worth salvaging as an extra monitor. This DIY project takes you through hooking up the screen and shows a neat stand for it made out of Meccano construction toys.

Create A One-Day Productivity Contract With Yourself To Stay Motivated

Being motivated isn’t something that always comes naturally, but many of us respond positively to mandatory obligations. Turn that to your advantage by creating a one-day, binding agreement with yourself.