The First Android Apps Are Now Available For Chrome OS

At the I/O developer conference earlier this year, Google announced that soon you would be able to run Android apps in Chrome OS. Today, that day has arrived. Sort of. For a couple apps anyway.

Never Let Your First Attempt At A Project Be Your Last

Starting a project is easy. Finishing it is hard. Hard enough that, when we’re done, we can feel happy with the results and move on. To truly improve, however, iteration is often more important than completion.

Ask LH: What Can I Do With My Spare Hard Drives?

Hi Lifehacker, I have over 10 external hard drives I’ve collected over the years which are currently lying around collecting dust. Do you guys have any ideas how I could take advantage of these extra hard drives?

The Secret To Success Is Making More Friends

If there’s one single thing that’s most important for success — as an entrepreneur, freelancer, employee or just in general life — it might be this: Make more friends.

Ask LH: Is Android Wear Actually Useful?

Dear Lifehacker, Is Android Wear any good? I haven’t been sold on other smartwatches, but Android Wear seems pretty cool. Can you actually do anything useful with it, though? I think they look nice, but I’m not sure what the killer new functionality is.

Steve Jobs's Best Productivity Tricks

Regardless of how you feel about Apple, Steve Jobs was an incredibly prolific CEO who was more than just the face of the company. Before his death in 2011, he managed to provide a unique workplace lauded for its productivity. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways he did it.

How To Find Your Optimal Work Environment And Boost Productivity

There’s no shortage of productivity techniques to try, but optimal productivity comes in different states for everyone. Some people are morning larks and others night owls, some need silence while others need music. If you’re struggling to improve your own workflow, here are three areas to start experimenting with.

Write A Script To Explain Your Goals So You Stick To Good Habits

When you are trying to adopt a good habit, you will face moments of temptation and weakness. To stick it out, write a little script to tell yourself or anyone else why you are doing it.

Boost Your Concentration With A 15-Minute Music Listening Session

Both listening to music and taking breaks can help improve our productivity. Combine the two for even better results.

Ask LH: How Can I Stay Motivated When Studying?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m a PhD student who just completed his first year. Looking back I really didn’t get a lot done. I suffered through a lot of unforeseen problems and setbacks, which cost me a lot of time. Do you have any good advice for keeping motivated in the face of constant problems that keep you from progressing?