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Why You Should Avoid Checking Email First Thing Friday Morning

Sometimes checking email first thing in the morning helps you get it over with and focus on more important tasks. However, there’s an equally compelling case against checking email first thing. If you work better ignoring your inbox in the morning, you’ll want to make sure you steer clear on Friday mornings in particular.

Use The First Hour Of Your Day For Creative, Inspiring Work

If you have the flexibility in your schedule to do it, start your day with something creative and inspiring. Maybe it’s that novel or short story you’ve been working on, or a painting, or a craft project. Whatever it is, if you can, give it your first hour. It’s uninterrupted time, and a good start to the day.

'You Don't Find Time. You Make It.'

Trying to find the time to work on passion projects is always difficult. In the above quote, Shawn Blanc suggests that one step to doing so is to alter your outlook a little.

iPhone Notes App Vesper Is Shutting Down, Here's How To Save Your Data

iOS: Vesper was released in 2013, and its claim to fame was that the development team included Apple pundit John Gruber and developer Brent Simmons. While it didn’t offer anything new, it was a solid notes app that a lot of people loved. Now it’s shutting down, and with that news comes a new export feature.

What Psychology Teaches Us About Structuring The Workday

Our workdays often are governed not by priorities or desires but by what’s screaming loudest and closest in our faces. Well intentioned as you might be about having a productive day, it’s easy for the hours to pass in a flurry of emails, meetings and demands that eat away at your time like a tapeworm — stealthy, but destructive.

The Reclining Recovery Workspace

Reader Alan is going into surgery soon (best wishes for a speedy recovery!) and wanted a workspace that he could use comfortably while he was out of commission and recovering, but still effective enough to get some work done and do a little gaming. Here’s what he came up with, complete with a quick video tour.

Build A Raspberry Pi-Powered, Alexa-Infused Alarm Clock

Your phone is probably the smartest alarm clock you’ve ever owned, but if you’re looking for a project that’s a little more playful, Nick Triantafillou shares a smart alarm clock on Hackster.io that integrates Alexa, If This Then That, and more.

These Are The Companies That Send Out The Most Email Spam

It’s almost impossible to completely block out email spam. That said, if you know who the biggest culprits are, you know a good place to start. Here are the companies that sent out the most spam emails last year.

Use Your Experience To Your Advantage And Avoid Working Long Hours

It’s well established that working longer hours doesn’t translate into increased productivity and indeed, can be bad for you. But we don’t always have the benefit of putting something off for another day. So then, how do you approach a must-do workload without stretching yourself thin?

Turn Negative Feedback Into Actionable Tasks With A Two-Column List

Negative feedback can be hard to take, but if you learn to let go of hurt feelings, you can use it to your advantage. Over at Forbes, executive career coach Tina Nicolai suggests creating a two-column list to turn criticism into actionable tasks.

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