Write About A Situation Objectively To Stop Overanalysing It 

Many of us have a bad habit of analysing a social situation to death. Maybe it’s a job interview question you bombed. Maybe you stuck your foot in your mouth with a friend. Whatever the scenario, writing about it can help you stop overthinking.

What I Learned From Using A Meditation App For One Week (And Failing)

I like the idea of meditating. Taking time out to disconnect with the world and just… be. If only it were that simple. As it turns out, I couldn’t even keep it up for a single minute.

The Easiest Languages For Native English Speakers To Learn

Depending on your circumstances, some languages can be harder to grasp than others. If English is your first language, these languages are widely considered to be the easiest to learn how to speak, read and write.

iOS 8.4 And Apple Music Are Now Available

Apple’s released iOS 8.4, which comes packed with Apple Music alongside a few bug fixes. The Apple Music service is also now live and ready to go. iTunes for Windows and Mac also get an update to bring in the new service.

Take A Risk When You Have A Shot, Rather Than Waiting Until You're Sure

No one wants to take a risk and fail. We all have an instinct to wait until something is a sure thing before taking the leap. However, that hesitancy can lead to missing out. Instead, take the risk once you’re sure you have a decent chance of succeeding.

Disconnect From A Wi-Fi Network In OS X Without Turning Off Wi-FI

If you’re one of the people who’s having trouble with Wi-Fi in OS X Yosemite, you’re probably pretty sick of toggling the Wi-Fi on and off. OS X Daily points out a better option.

How Your Brain Benefits From Learning Multiple Languages

Learning a second language is great for travelling and getting a better paying job. It can also make your brain healthier and prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Inputting+ Adds Undo, Redo, And Find And Replace To Android Text Input

Android: Entering text on your smartphone has gotten easier over the years, but it’s still not quite as easy as a desktop. Inputting+ helps by bringing some key features, including undo, redo, and find and replace.

To Avoid Feeling Defined By Your Work, Stop Constantly Checking Email

It’s wonderful to have a job you love. But it can also lead to feeling defined by your work, and that can be less fun. There are a number of ways to keep work separate from your identity. For example, limit how often you check your email.

Are Chromebooks Good Laptops For Students?

There’s a lot to like about Chromebooks. They’re budget-friendly, have a lot of options and are powerful enough to get things done. If you’re a student shopping for a laptop for school, they may be pretty attractive. However, for some students, it’s a nightmare waiting to happen. Let’s see where you fall.