How To Migrate From An Old NAS To A New One Overnight With rsync

A NAS, or network-attached storage device, is great for storing files and making them accessible from any computer in the house. But when you upgrade to a new one, you’re stuck copying everything over by hand, swapping drives, and risking data loss. Here’s a much more reliable method.

Adblock Plus Releases Standalone Browser That Blocks All Ads

Android: Adblock Plus is a great browser extension, and the company has lots of useful other services. Today, it gets one more. The company has announced a new, standalone browser — based on Firefox — that has ad blocking built in.

Kogan Is Selling A $359 Windows Laptop

Netbooks might be a long-forgotten trend in our tablet-centric world, but there’s still a place for a device with a keyboard that can run standard Windows apps. Kogan’s new Atlas Laptop has somewhat basic specifications, but a basic price too: $359 (plus $19 for delivery).

Crapware Is A Horrible Problem And It's All Our Fault

I love free apps. Who doesn’t love getting something for nothing? There’s just one problem: on the other side of that download link, every developer has to choose whether to charge money for their app, or offer it for free and find some other way to make money. And when we refuse to pay, we make that decision for them. We’ve created a demand for bundled crapware.

Take Better Notes During Meetings By Thinking Like A Student

Just because you’re writing everything down when you’re in a meeting doesn’t mean that you’re engaged. Absent-minded note-taking isn’t beneficial if you don’t put thought into what you’re writing; instead, you should approach it like a student.

Think Of Your Goal As A Compass, Not An Endpoint

It’s hard not to picture a goal as a destination, but that type of thinking can be demotivating. You’re either there having succeeded, or you’re not. By thinking of your goals as a compass, you can keep your focus on the direction you need to go.

Briefly: How To Eat Vegemite, Dashcam Footage Appeal, Uber Hit With GST

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including Hugh Jackman on Vegemite consumption and why Aussie cops are seeking dashcam footage.

Apple Upgrades 15" MacBook Pro and iMac, Skips Australia Tax

Apple has upgraded its MacBook Pro and iMac lines overnight with faster storage — but no sign of Intel’s Broadwell lines. The good news here is that there’s no real price premium for buying them in Australia.

Why I Started Using Gaming Peripherals To Get Real Work Done

Everyone knows gaming mice and keyboards can make you barrel through fast-paced games with peak efficiency. But with all those buttons and macros, they can actually help you work smarter, too. Here’s why I swear by them.

Your First Choice Is Rarely Optimal: Five Lessons On Being Wrong

We are incredibly hard on ourselves when it comes to making big decisions in life. Whether it’s about a relationship or a job, when we are attempting to decide something that is complex and multifaceted, it’s ok to be wrong. In fact, your first choice will usually be wrong.