Why PowerPoint Should Be Banned In Lectures

Any university teacher who does not harbour a painful recollection of a failed lecture is a liar. On one such occasion, I felt early on that I had lost the students entirely: those who hadn’t sunk into comatose oblivion were listless and anxious. Ungracefully, I threw myself even deeper into my PowerPoint presentation to save me from total ruin. Years later, I can still hear myself reading aloud the bullet points from the overhead and see myself turning around to the students to sell these points to them.

Close An Open Safari Tab On Your Other Devices With A Swipe

iOS: Apple’s Safari makes it easy to view your open Safari tabs from your iPhone or iPad. That means others can see what you have open. If you want to close one of those tabs remotely, swipe to the right.

Top 10 Computer Disasters (And How To Deal With Them)

Using a computer means occasionally dealing with annoying, possibly disastrous problems like losing all your data if your hard drive crashes. Here are ten of the most common computer problems and how to deal with them.

Get Catchy Songs Out Of Your Head By Chewing Some Gum

Some songs are nice to have in your head, but any song will eventually overstay it’s welcome. Whether you like the tune or not, a recent study suggests that you can ban earworms from your mind just by chewing some gum.

Give Yourself An Emotional Deadline To Rebound From Failure Better

Everyone fails. At some point in your life, you’re going to do something that you feel is inadequate. You can move past it, but it can help to give yourself a set time period at which point you need to move on.

This Tweak Lets You Browse Pinterest Without Signing Up

A number of websites require free registration to view their content, however, for the casual browser getting a pop-up in your face is an annoyance you’d rather do without. Pinterest is one such site and if you’re not keen to hand over your details, here’s a simple tweak that’ll do away with the interruption.

Feedhuddler Sends RSS Feeds Straight To Pocket

Pocket is a great bookmarking service, but you have to add articles to it manually. If there’s a blog you always want to read stories from, Feedhuddler is a simple web app that sends everything that pops up in the RSS feed over to your Pocket account.

Work Faster, Not More Hours, To Make Better Use Of Your Workday

When you’re behind on your work, it’s all too common to solve the problem with more hours. Instead, try a distraction-free, fast-paced work blitz during your normal work hours.

The Best IKEA Standing Desk Hacks

We’re big fans of standing desks here at Lifehacker; both for their proven health benefits and boosts to productivity. Unfortunately, they can also be prohibitively expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, here are a handful of IKEA desk hacks that will achieve the same result for a fraction of the price.

Preview Links In Safari, Mail And Messages With Three-Finger Tap

For a while now, the three-finger tap in OS X has been an easy way to look up the definition of a word. But in OS X 10.3.3 you can also use it to preview links in Apple’s apps.