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Criticise More Kindly By Mentioning What You've Learnt From The Person

When giving constructive criticism, you probably don’t want to come off as a jerk. A better way to offer criticism may be this four-step strategy formulated by social psychologist and game theorist Anatol Rapoport.

The Cheapest Mobile Plans For Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge+

Samsung announced that it will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy SG Edge+ in Australia on September 4. We’ve put together an easy to read table that outlines the cheapest plans available for both phone on Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin.

Use The Straw Man Tactic To Ease The Blow When Giving Criticism  

In an argument, the “straw man” tactic is used to set up a poor representation of your opponent’s opinion and attack that to undermine them. It’s a pretty crappy way to have an argument. If you’re trying to give constructive criticism, however, you can use it to help avoid hurt feelings.

iPhone Owners Can Finally Use WhatsApp In A Web Browser

WhatsApp launched the ability to use its popular messaging app in a web browser in January but iPhone owners were left out in the cold as the feature wasn’t available to iOS users. This has finally changed.

Leaving Work Automatically Texts Someone When You're Heading Home

iOS: Let’s say you like to let your spouse or roommate know when you’re on your way home from work. It’s easy enough to send them a text, but Leaving Work can do this for you automatically.

Get Your Coworkers To Help You More With This Simple Persuasion Method

People will always be more willing to help when they feel like they owe it to you. This classic persuasion method requires a little pre-work, but can make it much easier for you to convince others to lend you a hand when you need it.

Spark For iPhone Adds HTML Signatures, Aliases, And New Gestures

iPhone: Spark is one of our favourite email clients on the iPhone, but it’s still in its early stages. Today, they’re adding some new features that make it a bit better, including HTML signatures, support for aliases, and a new set of gestures.

At A Glance: Moto X Style, Moto X Play And Moto G

Motorola has revealed three new phones for the Australian market: the Moto X Style, Moto X Play and Moto G. We have the pricing and spec comparisons of the handsets for you.

Google Hangouts Finally Gets Its Own Dedicated Home Page

Today, Google Hangouts got the biggest feature it should have had four years ago when it launched: A dedicated homepage with a simple web address. Now, in addition to all the other ways to access hangouts, you can visit it at its own headquarters.

Use Android Device Manager's Guest Mode To Find Your Friend's Phone

If you’re not using the Android Device Manager to help find your lost phone, we highly recommend it. What happens when you actually lose your phone, though? Thanks to a guest mode in the Android app, you can use your friend’s phone to find your own.

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