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Ask LH: Am I Allowed To Compare Companies On My Blog?

I’m currently in the process of creating my first website. The website will focus on tourism in Australia and compare companies that offer similar products. Am I breaking any laws by writing about these companies? For example, if three different tour companies are offering wine tours in the same region, can I write about the prices, the wineries each company visits, the length of the tour and any other information I consider relevant? I intend to write the comparisons in a non-biased manner and will link directly to each company’s website.

Tweetbot 4 Comes To The iPad, Adds Statistics, Landscape View, And More To iPhone

iOS: Tweetbot 4 was released today as a completely new version of the popular Twitter app. It’s a universal app that brings in support for the iPad alongside a variety of other improvements.

Ace An Impromptu Speech With This Template

If you’ve ever been asked to give a speech or a toast on the fly, you know how much pressure it can be. You can deliver a solid impromptu speech by remembering these five elements.

How Does Amaysim's New Unlimited 1GB Mobile Plan Stack Up Against The Competition?

Budget telco, Amaysim, has launched a mobile phone plan that gives you unlimited standard calls and texts along with 1GB of data at $24.90 for 30 days. Here’s how this plan compares with month-to-month plans from the major telcos.

Temporarily Disable 'Hey Siri' By Putting Your IPhone Screen Down

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus allow you to trigger Siri by saying “Hey Siri” anytime (even if the phone’s not plugged in, like with previous phones). But sometimes, you might want that feature disabled. Over on Six Colours, they point out you can simply put your phone screen down.

Tailor Your Message To People Who Get It, Not The Ones Who Refuse To

You can’t expect to be perfectly understood by everyone all the time. Despite knowing this, many of us still try. If most people get what you’re trying to say, you’re only wasting your own effort by tailoring your message to the people who won’t.

NASA: Life On Mars A Distinct Possibility

Yesterday, we told you that NASA’s special Mars announcement would be worth staying up for and boy, did they deliver — not only was flowing water all but confirmed, but the prospect of preexisting life on Mars is no longer science fiction. If you missed the live stream, here are the key points you’ll need to bluff your through office conversations.

Is It Legal To Secretly Record Phone Calls In Australia?

There are numerous reasons that you might want to secretly record a phone conversation. It could be as serious as getting someone to admit to a crime, or as innocuous as making a prank call for a podcast. But is it legal? The answer depends on the Australian state or territory you live in.

This Video Shares The Best Life Lessons From People Of All Ages

Life lessons can be found anywhere: running, comedians and even corporations. Some of the best lessons, however, come from regular folks like you and me who have a wide variety of life experience.

Killer Interview Question: What Didn’t You Get A Chance To Include On Your Resume?

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson is renowned for his unconventional approach to business, which he credits as one of the key ingredients to his success. So it’s no surprise that his favourite interview question would be one that strays from the norm.

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