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Ask LH: How Can I Get My Girlfriend To Stop Playing Pokemon GO?

Dear Lifehacker, my girlfriend is a Pokemon GO player. I’m not. Over the past fortnight she has been playing the game 24/7 and it’s starting to affect our relationship. When she’s not hunting Pokemon, she’s tweeting about it or researching tips on her phone — even while we’re in bed together. (And don’t get me started on our “romantic” walks!) I’m starting to feel seriously neglected! Do you have any intervention tips for Pokemon GO addicts?

PokeVision Shows You The Real-Time Locations Of Pokemon In Pokemon GO

If you’re having a tough time finding certain Pokemon in Pokemon GO, PokeVision uses Niantic’s API to show you their actual locations, and how long they will be there.

Polymail Is A Slick Looking Email App For iPhone And Mac With Extensive Email Tracking And Scheduling

iOS/Mac: You have far too many email apps to choose from on iOS, but if you’re still searching for the perfect app for your workflow, Polymail’s an app that’s worth a look.

'Good Listeners Are Like Trampolines'

We tend to think that being a good listener means being a sponge that absorbs as much information as possible, but Harvard Business Review suggests that’s not really the best analogy.

Increase Your Likability By Asking People To Finish Their Stories

When someone gets interrupted while telling a story to your group, it’s the perfect opportunity to make yourself seem more attentive and likeable by asking that person to continue.

Ask LH: Can Telstra Force Me Onto An NBN Plan If I Don't Want To Go?

Dear Lifehacker, My street was recently joined to the great and wonderful NBN (slight sarcasm there.) Telstra has since informed me that I need to move my internet and phone across as it won’t be supported in its existing state. I’ve got no problem with this, but it got me examining other telco’s NBN deals and comparing prices.

I’m still under a 24-month contract — or am I? If I stick with Telstra, I’d essentially be signing a new contract (which they’re happy to do because it keeps me as their customer) but am I still obligated if Telstra is effectively terminating the service I signed up for?

Swiftmoji Finds And Predicts The Perfect Emoji While You're Typing

Android: We’ve all grown pretty accustomed to how handy predictive text can be, but if emoji is your preferred mode of communication, Swiftmoji, a new keyboard from SwiftKey, is going to be more your speed.

Dealhacker: Vaya's New $65 Phone Plan Packs In 30GB Of Data Per Month

Budget telco Vaya has launched a new range of limited-edition “Gamer Plans” to cash in on the Pokemon GO craze. The data-friendly plans start at $45 per month with the $65 version providing a massive 30GB data allowance. Here are the details.

How To Craft Your First Story [Infographic]

There’s no shortcut to writing a great story. However, there are guidelines that can help get you started if you’ve never done it before. This chart compiles several different forms of advice for beginners into one handy reference.

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