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How To Win At Social Media, The Trump Way

By blowing up Twitter with controversial comments and posting 15-second political videos on Instagram, Donald Trump is proving to be a master manipulator who understands social media more than any other presidential candidate, according to experts on politics and social media.

Eight Ways To Conquer Self-Doubt [Infographic]

No matter who you are or where you’re from, there will be moments in life when you experience feelings of self doubt and anxiety. This infographic explains why these emotions aren’t necessarily a bad thing — along with eight ways to combat them in social situations.

The Godfather Of Interactive Computing: J. C. R. 'Lick' Licklider

The American computer pioneer often known simply as “Lick” imagined many of the concepts that are now core to the way we use and interact with technology. He provided both ideas and funding for graphical computing, point-and-click interfaces, digital libraries and banking or shopping online. From IBM to the US military’s advanced research agency (DARPA) and MIT, his vision in the 1960s ultimately inspired the Internet and even parts of Unix. Here’s what you may not know about J.C.R Licklider, pioneer of cybernetics, psychoacoustics and artificial intelligence.

Google's New Weather Card Has More Information Than You'll Ever Need

Android: Searching for “weather” on your phone has always been a quick way to find out how cold it is outside. Now, though, Google’s added a wealth of new information to its updated weather card.

MailButler Bundles A Ton Of Plug-Ins That Make Apple Mail More Useable

Mac: Apple Mail is fine for most people, but if you really need a powerhouse email client, it falls short in many ways. MailButler is a set of plug-ins that makes Mail a bit more powerful.

Little-Voices Filters Images, Links, And Replies Out Of Twitter

iPhone: Find yourself wanting for a simpler time on Twitter, when it was just a wall of text-based tweet? Little-Voices is a little app that will provide just that.

Tackle Chronic Problems With Others By Surprising Them With Some Improv

When you have a problem with somebody that won’t go away, you need to mix things up. If you stop sounding like an angry broken record and try improvising a completely different response, you can surprise the other person into reacting differently and give yourself control again.

You Can Now Schedule Skype Calls In Outlook Calendar

iOS/Android: Microsoft has certainly invested heavily in making its services more useful lately. In a recent update to Outlook, Microsoft has added the ability to schedule Skype calls that automatically begin at the designated time.

Crib Sheet: Everything We Know About The New 'Planet Nine'

Scientists may have just discovered a ninth planet in our solar system. We’re not talking no “dwarf” here neither, but a bona fide planet up to 10 times larger than Earth. If the evidence checks out, it will be the first planet discovered in our solar system in more than 80 years. (170 if you don’t count Pluto.) We consulted with an expert to bring you the facts for those watercooler chats in the office.

Send More Effective Emails By Ending Them With These Two Steps

If you email a client about a project and never hear back from them, it might be because your email leaves things too open-ended. To make it easier for the recipient to reply, suggest the next step.

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