These Phone Companies Still Don't Offer Free Calls To 1800 Numbers

Calls to 1800 numbers are supposed to now be free no matter what kind of mobile plan you are on. While most of the major Australian carriers have got on board and made calls free across all their plans, there are some laggards.

Rephrase What Your Partner Says To Be More Likeable In Conversation

The cynical believe that most people are just waiting for their turn to speak in conversation. Beat the trope by listening and rephrasing what your partner tells you back to them. This is one way to become a more likeable conversation partner.

Globalgig 4G Offers Cheap Mobile Broadband For Roaming And In Australia

We’re pretty keen on Globalgig’s Roaming SIM card, which is one of the better-value offerings for travellers out there who want to dodge roaming rorts. Now it has an added attraction — an option to access 4G networks in Australia and the UK, which is actually one of the cheaper 4G data packages even if you never head overseas.

Ask LH: Should I Buy An iPhone 4S In 2015?

Hi Lifehacker, I am trying to find a good cheap smartphone for around $200. Right now the iPhone 4S seems like a good option, though I realise there’s a risk it will not be able to run iOS 9 when that appears at the end of this year. Is it a good idea to get a refurbished iPhone?

All The Mobile Phone Frequencies Used In Australia (2015 Edition)

If you’re looking at buying a new mobile device, especially one that’s an import, it’s worth knowing which Australian networks it will support. These are all the frequencies currently used in Australia.

No More Google Helpouts From April 20

Google has shuttered a number of its online services over the years, with Reader being perhaps the most notable. Next on the chopping block is Helpouts, which Google plans to close towards the end of April.

Understand Your Assets First For Better Leverage In Negotiations

When you have to negotiate something, chances are you’ll look at what you want and what the other party’s asking to get it. Instead, focus on what you have to gain better leverage in the deal.

Keep Emails To Less Than 300 Words To Increase Responses

Nobody likes getting lots of long emails to parse through, but we’re all too eager to send them. If you want to get others to respond, keep the body under 300 words.

Revealed: The Top Five Data-Hogging Mobile Games On The Planet

US software giant Citrix has released its latest Mobile Analytics Report, which looks at how consumers and businesses use their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Among the facts and figures that caught out eye was a table revealing the top five mobile games ranked by data volume in 2015. If you’re on a tight data allowance, the following apps are definitely best avoided…

Keep Group Messages Organised On iOS By Naming Them

Group messages get a little messy if you use them with a lot of different people, but The Sweet Setup reminds us that one of the new features in iOS 8 is the ability to name those messages. Once you do, it’s a lot easier to find what you’re looking for.