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Carhood's Free Airport Parking Service Expands To Sydney

In April, Carhood, a company that lets you park your car at near an airport for free by lending your car out while you’re away, launched in Melbourne. Now, the service has expanded to Sydney Airport and Carhood has partnered with Ford to provide additional rental cars and incentives for Ford car owners. Here’s what you need to know.

Your Next Qantas Flight Could Come With Free High-Speed Wi-Fi

Qantas has revealed fresh details about its in-flight wireless internet rollout and it’s sounding pretty good. By early 2017, around 100 domestic aircraft will be outfitted with high-speed Wi-Fi under a partnership with global broadband services provider ViaSat. Best of all, the service will be completely free to all passengers. Hurrah!

Have You Ever Been Upgraded To First Class Without Paying For It?

Sure, you can fly first class if you’re willing to fork over the cash or your travel rewards. And it may be worth every cent. Even better than paying for first class, though, is getting it for free. If this has happened to you, we want to know your secret.

How The 'Sharing Economy' Affects Business Travel: Pros And Cons

The rapid growth of services like Uber and Airbnb over the last decade make it clear that the “sharing economy” is not a passing trend. This has provided business travellers with a viable option beyond the usual taxi and hotel combo. However, there are still some areas of these services that require consieration. Here’s an overview of what businesses need to know.

Coles Is Launching A Chain Of 'Express' Stores With 80 Cent Coffees

7 Eleven is about to get some stiff competition when it comes to cheap morning coffee. The supermarket giant Coles is rolling out a new chain of express outlets dubbed “Big Yum at Little Coles”. Focusing on healthy snacks and beverages to go, the stores’ main claim to fame will be fresh coffee for just 80c a cup.

Not Home On Census Night? The ABS Will Still Find You

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is expecting to hear from you on Census night — whether you’re home or not. The organisation has devised a comprehensive network of delivery options to ensure everybody does their bit for democracy, not matter where they are. Whether you’re lost on a lonely rural highway or shacked up in an internet-free hotel, the ABS still have ways of making you talk. Here’s what you need to know if you plan to be away on August 9.

Review: Singapore Airlines' In-Flight WiFi Service

Internet access on a long haul flight is a luxury and despite some trials by international airlines in the past, only a select few offer on-board WiFi. I was pleasantly surprised that Singapore Airlines recently started offering this service. Here’s my verdict on Singapore Airlines’ Internet OnAir.

Here Are All The Paper Tickets Transport NSW Is Scrapping Today

From August 1, the vast majority of paper tickets will no longer be available for users of public transport in NSW. Instead, all commuters will be forced to use the Opal e-card system for most train, bus and ferry rides. This includes trips to the airport. Here is the full list of every ticket type that is being “retired” in favour of Opal cards.

A Rule Of Thumb To Estimate The Value Of Your Travel Rewards Miles

Reward miles are a little misleading. They aren’t always based on how many miles you fly, and the rewards don’t actually equate to miles, either. There are tools to help you compare flight prices in terms of miles, but this rule of thumb works well for estimating.

Fuel Showdown: Diesel Versus Petrol

And so we arrive at one of the most debated topics at present; diesel versus petrol. The efficiency of each, no matter your choice of vehicle, is a factor that can save you financially and also protect the environment. It’s a small decision with the potential for big impact. Here’s what you need to know.

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