How to Eliminate Stress From Your Next Business Trip

Sure, travelling for business may send you to cool locations (or, you know, the middle of nowhere), but do it frequently enough and it’s bound to take a toll on your body and your mind. Much of this is due to the stressors that spring from being away from your family and routine, not having access to your usual comforts, trying to make it to the gate on time, dealing with road rage and flight delays, and losing an average seven hours of productivity each time you travel.

How To Score Double Velocity Points

Trying to boost your points total with Virgin Australia’s Velocity program? Flights for May and June can potentially earn double points — but there are a few hoops to jump through.

The Flights Qantas Is Getting Rid Of And Changing

As part of a massive restructure that will see 5000 jobs lost and orders for new planes deferred and cancelled, Qantas is also dumping and altering some flights, including direct flights between Perth and Singapore. Here’s what frequent flyers need to know.

These Are The World's Most Punctual Airlines

Want to be sure that your flight will arrive on time? These rankings of airline punctuality can help you choose the right carrier for international trips.

Hitting The Road With The HP Chromebook 11

The latest Chromebook to hit the Australian market is HP’s Chromebook 11 — a stylish-looking design with more than a hint of the MacBook Air about it. Can it measure up to Road Worrier’s needs for a travel machine?

Almost A Quarter Of The Seats On Flights In Australia Are Empty

You wouldn’t think it if you’re on a Friday afternoon flight between Sydney and Melbourne, but it turns out that there are a lot of empty seats on Australian domestic flights. In 2013, the “load factor” (aviation speak for the number of occupied seats) was 76.5 per cent.

Extreme Commuting: Dungog, Midget Stations And Lessons Learned

The last journey in my Extreme Commuting experiment to visit all the outer extremities of Sydney’s network sends me to Dungog. You’d never mistake that for a non-Australian place name. Plus: the lessons I’ve learned over a month of traversing Sydney’s train networks like a fake commuter.

Extreme Commuting: These Train Lines Aren't Built For People

The fourth stage in my Extreme Commuting challenge to visit all the outlying locations on the Sydney Trains network takes me to two cities in the south: Bomaderry (Nowra) via Kiama and Port Kembla. Services to these locations are much more frequent than some of the more remote places I’ve been visiting, yet what this trip overwhelmingly reminds me of is that when it comes to train lines in more remote locations, passengers are rarely the first priority.

Extreme Commuting: Bathurst Has Trains Too, You Know

Think Bathurst and you think Mount Panorama and bogans in hotted-up V8s. But Bathurst has a train station too, and a big issue in the 2011 NSW state election was demands from locals that a commuter service was added to the once-a-day Dubbo XPT service and occasional strange buses that already existed. So now there’s a train. But is anyone using it? I’m experimenting with extreme commuting all this week, so I had to find out.

Extreme Commuting: Welcome To Goulburn, No Ticket Required

It’s a sunny Friday afternoon and there are quite a few people waiting at Sydney Central for the 1602 Goulburn service, which is the next stage of my Extreme Commuting experiment. In fact, if you want to board this train, you don’t even need a ticket.