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Roaming In Tokyo For Free

A couple of years back, I visited Tokyo and was struck by the fact that there was a genuine dearth of “free” Wi-Fi options. I recently returned to Japan’s capital city to see if things had improved.

Save Money On Hotels By Avoiding The Business Travel 'Rush Hour'

The next time you’re travelling for pleasure, book a hotel outside of the business district on weekdays, and in the business district on weekends, to get the best rates.

How To Minimise Your Phone Usage When You Travel Internationally

Travelling internationally is difficult enough without worrying about your phone. To avoid paying a fortune for international roaming fees, here’s how to prep your phone for travel so you can stay connected without breaking the bank.

The Best Clever Packing Tricks For Travelling

When you’re travelling, the way you pack can be essential. Whether you’re a space-saver, or just like things as organised as possible, you’ve probably picked up a few tricks along the way. Here are some of the best ideas.

When Each Australian Airline Puts Flights On Sale

Trying to track down cheap flights? Knowing when tickets go on sale is an important strategy. Here’s when to strike to find the best deals on Australian domestic carriers.

MyMeetingTime Helps Schedule The Perfect International Meeting

When you’re communicating with others overseas, it can be difficult to find a time for meeting that works for all parties involved. myMeetingTime shows you what time it is anywhere in the world compared to your time.

Five Great Things About Flying In The USA (And Five Things That Bite)

Flying to and from the USA is not a new experience here at Road Worrier HQ, but I recently spent close to a month roaming around the country for work. That reminded me of the areas where flying around the US works well — and where it bites.

The Bellroy Travel Wallet Is Big Enough For Your Passport And Boarding Pass

I learned the importance of keeping your passport dry many years ago. After spending the day wandering around the Cevennes in the pouring rain, the passport in my pocket was dangerously damp. I’m paranoid enough to always have my passport with me when I’m overseas, but it needs to be in some form of protective covering.

How To Renew An Australian Passport In 4 Hours

It is feasible — with a little luck and some manners — to get a very rapid Australian passport renewal. Here’s how I did it, and the larger lesson it taught me about customer service and planning.

When Your Airline Screws Up, It Pays To Complain

Last week, I was traveling in Thailand. Other than getting a little nervous as the coup was called four hours before my scheduled exit from the country I found that my four-hour wait in the airport became a little less comfortable than expected.