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Sydney Airport Found A New Way To Charge Cars For Picking Up Domestic Passengers

Sydney airport is changing where drivers can pick up passengers for free at the domestic terminal in September, turning the current 10-minute parking zone between the T2/T3 terminals into a “priority” pick-up that will cost a minimum of $4 for 15 minutes, charged to your eTag. The new free pick-up zone will move east, a 500m, 8-minute walk to the P3 car park.

6 Misconceptions About People Who Work While They Travel

Many people may think a life of working while you’re travelling may be a glamourous one, that’s not really the case. Yes, you can have some great experiences, but there are some drawbacks that people don’t consider. Before you drop everything to pursue a life of a digital nomad, here are a few misconceptions to consider.

What The Numbers At The End Of Runways Actually Mean

The numbers at the end of a runway aren’t just there to help pilots see where they’re supposed to land. They actually mean something important: the runway’s degree from magnetic north. This video from Atlas Obscura explains.

Ask LH: How Can I Use My Motorbike To Make Money?

Dear Lifehacker, How can I use my motorcycle to make some extra cash? I don’t have a car so Uber is out of the question. I looked into Deliveroo but it’s surprisingly difficult to find out how to become a rider for them. What are some ways I can use a motorcycle to earn money?

Why Slower Drivers Shouldn't Hang Out In The Right Lane

The right lane is for passing and slower traffic should keep left. It’s one of the first things you learn when you get your driver’s licence, yet so many drivers forget it or don’t understand it. Here’s a detailed explanation for why this simple rule is so important.

How To Be Efficient When Working And Travelling

Working and travelling doesn’t seem like your average pairing, however for many people like myself, I’ve found it’s worked out well to not only see the world but to also provide an efficient way of making money at the same time. Becoming a digital nomad, wasn’t my original plan but it couldn’t have worked out any better in my personal experience. I generally travel to Mexico and the USA for at least six months of the year and along the way I’ve learned so much on how to successfully work and travel simultaneously. For those who are looking to start their journey as a digital nomad, here are my tips on how you can work and travel at the same time based upon my years of experience.

What Businesses Can Learn From Qantas' Spectacular Turnaround

Australian airline Qantas has just released its results for the last financial year. Its profits hit $1.53 billion, up 57 per cent. That’s the best result the company has had in nearly a century. (Yes, Qantas is that old.) It’s a monumental turnaround for an airline that was in dire straits just two years ago. We take a look at Qantas’ impressive comeback and what businesses can learn from it.

Use Airline Points To Pay For Flights If You May Need To Cancel

Not all flights are refundable, so if you’re booking travel and you’re not 100% sure of your date, you’ll want to buy a ticket that comes with the ability to change or cancel. Problem is, those tickets can be pricey. Zach Honig of The Points Guy suggests an alternative: use your airline rewards miles instead.

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep In Hotel Rooms

Sleep is important, however when you’re traveling across country to conferences or a wedding, you need to stay somewhere. Hotels are generally the best option for any stay, however it can be hard to get a good amount of sleep to keep your mind sharp and to keep you from getting tired throughout your busy day. So how do you get a good night sleep when you’re away from home? Here are some of the best techniques that you can use to help you get a better night sleep.

Learn How To Stop Contributing To The Traffic Problem To Make Your Commute Easier

As the saying goes, you’re not stuck in traffic. You are traffic. Whenever you’re on the highway with a thousand other cars crawling along at a snail’s pace, you may feel helpless, but there are things you can do to help ease congestion.

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