Stephen King On Writing: Throw Out Your Thesaurus

The super-prolific Stephen King has doled out lots of advice for budding writers, including the recommendation to cut down your text. Here’s another: “Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word.”

Don't Decide Off Your Own Bat To Use Back Instead

If you do something off your own bat, you don’t require assistance. If you use the incorrect phrase “off your own back”, you definitely need help.

The Most Important Skills You Need To Start A Writing Career

So you want to get paid for your writing, but you’ve never been published. You have no formal experience, and no one’s ever hired you for a writing-related job. The professional legwork that comes with getting paid to write can be intimidating. Honing a few important skills can help you get started.

Redirect Your Life With These Writing Exercises

Regular journaling has been shown to improve your mental health and increase your productivity. If you don’t keep a journal, even simple writing exercises can help you reframe your life and help you find your purpose.

Keep Emails To Less Than 300 Words To Increase Responses

Nobody likes getting lots of long emails to parse through, but we’re all too eager to send them. If you want to get others to respond, keep the body under 300 words.

Why Teaching Cursive Handwriting Is An Outdated Waste Of Time

Many lament that the “good old days” when they were taught “the basics” at school have gone.

The Correct Way To Spell 'Lifehacker' And 'Lifehacking'

Several readers wrote in to point out to us that “lifehacking” was given an honourable mention in the Macquarie Dictionary‘s 2014 words of the year list. I’m torn over this. It’s nice that the Macquarie editors noticed — but with that said, they seem a little late to the party.

Work Your Way Through Someone's Confusing Email By Rewriting It

We’ve all had to read those rambling emails before. You’ll improve your writing skills if you occasionally rewrite a confusing incoming email.

Alternote Is A Minimal Note-Taking App For Mac With Evernote Support

Mac: Evernote can be more than you really need if you just use it for basic writing. Alternote is a Mac app currently in beta that simplifies things a lot while still syncing up with your Evernote account.

I Used Dictation And Voice Control For A Week. Here's What Happened

It seems like wherever you look, voice control and dictation are getting added to every app, operating system and game console. We like to make fun of how badly it works, but I decided to dive in headfirst to see what it’s like to actually use it… for everything. Here’s what happened.