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Your Workspace Doesn't Need To Inspire You, It Needs To Be Novel

My most productive places to work are coffee shops. They’re not particularly inspirational. In fact, they’re usually loud and uncomfortable, yet I get stuff done faster and more efficiently while I’m there. Writer Asher Stephenson has a theory behind why this happens: it’s about novelty.

Handwrite Your Notes Instead Of Typing Them For Better Memory Retention

Typing on a keyboard (hardware or virtual) might be quicker than writing things out with pen and paper, but for learning and long-term memory, handwriting trumps the keyboard.

Break Through Creative Blocks By 'Just Keeping At It'

There are dozens of specific lifehacks, tips and tricks to help you push past creative blocks, but this video from New York Magazine’s Science of Us serves up an important reminder that the best and simplest thing to do when you’re stumped is to just keep creating.

Expresso Analyses Your Writing To Weed Out Unnecessary Words

Words are powerful, and writers have to choose them carefully. Expresso helps improve your writing by analysing your text, pointing out style issues and suggesting alternatives.

Monospace Writer Leaves Beta, Organises And Locks Files With Hashtags

Android: Monospace was already a nice, distraction-free text editor when we first took a look at it last year. Now, the app is leaving beta and it’s getting a few handy new features, including organising your notes with hashtags.

Cleartext Limits Your Writing To The 1000 Most Common Words In English

Mac: Last year, XKCD’s Randall Monroe released Simple Writer, a web app that restricted your writing to the top 1000 most commons words in the English language. If web apps aren’t your thing, Cleartext is a free Mac app that does the same thing.

How To Master Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Word is easily the biggest, most popular word processing program available, but it does a lot more than just edit text and TPS reports. If you’ve been telling yourself that you’ll finally learn Word’s ins and outs, now’s the time to actually learn how to edit styles and add a table of contents.

Google Doc Publisher Keeps Your Formatting When You Publish A Document

Google Docs works really well for writing and creating documents, however, when you try to publish, the formatting can get kind of garbled. Google Doc Publisher fixes this problem.

Break Through Writer's Block With The 'Kindergarten Trick'

If you can’t seem to get the words flowing, this trick will make beating your writer’s block as easy as filling in the blanks. Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics. Way back.

Flowstate Keeps You Focused On Writing By Deleting Your Progress When You Stop

Mac/iOS: Focus is important when it comes to any task, and if you have trouble staying focused while writing, Flowstate can help. Namely because, if you get distracted and stop writing, it will delete your progress.

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