ZenPen Is A Distraction-Free Online Writing Zone

There are a lot of useful distraction-free writing tools out there. If you’d rather not download an app, ZenPen is a wonderful web-based alternative with a simple design and minimal clutter.

'Manoeuvre' Is Simply A Difficult Word To Spell

Not many words in English use the vowel sequence ‘oeu’, which goes a long way to explaining why the word manoeuvre is tricky to get right. This is definitely case where a spell checker is your friend.

You Aren't Fazed, And You Certainly Aren't Phased

To faze is “to disturb; discomfit; daunt”, according to the Macquarie Dictionary. It’s often used in expressions such as “I’m not fazed” to express a “no worries” attitude. That’s fine, but don’t write it as “I’m not phased”. That conveys a “no brains” attitude.

'Good Books Are Hard To Write, Bad Books Are A Breeze'

Many of us have a tendency to get frustrated when our work gets difficult. Writer Jon Acuff reminds us of one very simple truth: if you’re doing your work well, it’s supposed to be hard.

You're An April Fool If You Use The Apostrophe Incorrectly

Did you think Mind Your Language would let April Fools’ Day arrive without reminding you about how to punctuate it? More fool you.

Your Role Is To Use 'Enrol' Correctly

So here’s the thing: enroll is not a word that exists in Australian English. The correct form is enrol. The Americans might do it differently, but down under, that’s how we roll.

Why You Should Keep A Journal (And How To Start Yours)

Some of the most influential people in history kept detailed journals of their lives. Those journals served two purposes: a permanent record for posterity, and cathartic release for the people writing them. Even if you don’t think you need either, keeping a journal has benefits you can enjoy immediately. Here’s why you might want to sit down regularly to jot down your thoughts.

Keep Your Eye On The Ophthalmologist

You shouldn’t have to visit an ophthalmologist too often. So perhaps we can excuse you when you spell the word incorrectly.

The Best Time Of Day For Creative Thinking

What does your ideal day look like? Would you believe there’s a scientifically correct answer to the question? Research into the human body — its hormone allotment, its rhythms, and its tendencies — has found that there are certain times of day when the body is just better at performing certain activities.

How To Use Bullet Points Most Effectively To Break Down Ideas

Bullet points may not seem particularly complicated, but like any element of writing, there’s an effective way to use them and an ineffective way. Writing podcast The Lede explains how, when, and why to use bullet points for maximum effect.