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Amazon Storywriter Is A Simple, Free, Auto-formatting Screenwriting Tool For The Web

Screenwriting tools tend to be on the pricey side when it comes to software, but Amazon’s released a free tool called Storywriter that provides a barebones screenwriting tool that saves directly to the cloud.

How To Finally Finish (And Publish) Your First Novel

Finally completing that story you have been working on really isn’t as hard as it sounds. Whether you are just starting to write a book and need some direction or have completed one and are wondering what your next move is, I am here to guide you on how to finally finish that book and turn it into a published novel.

When Is The Best Time For Creative Writing? [Infographic]

November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for those in the know, and already hundreds of thousands of participants will be busily writing as part of their journey to becoming novelists. Yet those who have to balance novel writing with full time work, family and social life might find it hard to know when to take a spare moment to write. Should you set your alarm an hour early and power through your writing before breakfast, or sit down after dinner when all the day’s work is done? How about a sneaky lunchtime writing sesh? One scientific study claims to have solved this conundrum once and for all.

Write A Better Speech By Practising It On A Novice

If delivering a speech isn’t intimidating enough, writing one can be just as difficult. And if you’re dealing with a complex topic, it might be hard to gauge whether or not you’ve simplified that topic enough for people to understand it. One way to make sure you have is to practise that speech on a novice.

An Ex-Microsoft Engineer's Advice To Programmers: Learn How To Write

Finding success in any field is rarely confined to a singular skill, even one like programming. That’s why Mike Borozdin, the now senior director of engineering at DocuSign, suggests all programmers sharpen their grammar skills in addition to their coding skills.

How Twitter's 140-Character Limit Made Me A Better Writer

Twitter is planning to extend its typical 140-character limit, and a lot of people are welcoming the change. But as annoying as the 140-character limit can be, I’ve found that it actually helped me practise a few principles for better writing.

Journaley Is A Simple, Free, Private Journaling App For Windows

Windows: There are lots of great reasons to keep a journal, but if you’re looking for the perfect app to help you start, keep your entries organised, add photos and links, and even make it easy to go back and see what you’ve posted in the past, Journaley is a free Windows app that does the trick nicely.

From Murphy To Godwin: Ten Life 'Laws' They Don't Teach In Law School

These aren’t the sort of laws that a police officer will pull you over for breaking, or that will ever be debated in a courtroom. Nevertheless, common adages that for one reason or another masquerade as ‘laws’ can pop up in everyday conversation — particularly on the internet. In case you’re looking to expand your online vocabulary, we’ve tracked down ten ‘laws’ that govern your life in ways you might not expect.

Hunter S. Thompson's Best Life Tips

Hunter S. Thompson isn’t exactly known as a saint, nor do people tend to look to the drug-loving, slightly crazed journalist for life advice. However, through his fringe lifestyle and off-the-beaten-path outlook he’s provided plenty of advice on living that apply to all of us.

Write! Is A Distraction-Free Text Editor With Just The Right Features

Windows: Finding a good text editor can be tough. Some lack basic features, like spell checking, and others are so heavy they may as well be word processors. Write! is a new application, currently in beta, that rides the sweet spot and delivers the features you’d actually find useful without the cruft (or system bloat) you don’t want.

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