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I'm William Gurstelle, Author Of Backyard Ballistics, And This Is How I Work

William Gurstelle has a knack for building highly kinetic things. He often explores subjects that seem dangerous from a distance — like cannons and catapults — but are safe so long as you understand the science.

Ask LH: What's A Useful Tool For Collaborating On A Writing Project?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m collaborating with a friend on a writing project and are wondering if there is an online cloud app that would allow us to work together on material. We are after something that would allow real time communication as well as the ability to post ideas and pages for proofing. Any suggestions?

Three Writing Tips From Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Jennifer Egan

Writing is something everyone should do on some level. No matter what makes you put pen to paper, these three tips from Jennifer Egan will help as you continue your own writer’s journey.

Deals: This App Will Help You Master The Art Of Writing

None of us are perfect writers. Misspellings occur, and mistakes happen. Thankfully, there’s WhiteSmoke. This next-level writing app will catch all your mistakes before you even think of hitting ‘send’. For a limited time, you can get a year’s subscription for $38.94 AUD [$29.99 USD], or a lifetime subscription for $129.94 AUD [$99.99 USD].

The Palomino Blackwing 602 Is My Favourite Pencil

Writing with a Blackwing is like swabbing a pad of butter across warm toast. It glides. The Palomino Blackwing 602 is my favourite pencil.

Clean Text For iOS Helps Fix Your Formatting

iOS: One of the annoying things about working with text on your phone or iPad is that properly formatting it can be a bother, especially when you’re copying and pasting between apps and get line breaks where you don’t want them. Clean Text for iOS aims to fix that.

Canvas Is A Collaborative Notes App For iOS And The Web That Uses Markdown

Web/iOS: Microsoft Office and Google Docs are the two main powerhouses in the collaborative documents world, but if you’re looking for a bit of different approach, Canvas is a tool that allows you to write in Markdown, and easily collaborate with anyone.

Ulysses Adds Dropbox Syncing Support And Typewriter Mode On iOS

Mac/iOS: Ulysses is one of our favourite writing apps for big projects, and today the iOS app in-particular is seeing some big improvements alongside some minor ones on Mac.

Use This Six-Part Outline To Write The Perfect Speech

Writing a speech and delivering it are two separate challenges. If you’re not sure where to start with the writing process, use this six-part outline as a guide.

13 Obscure Punctuation Marks You Should Be Using [Infographic]

Are you getting a little bored of periods, exclamation marks and commas? Need to spice up your writing but not quite ready to use emojis and emoticons? Luckily there’s a whole wealth of obscure punctuation marks for you to make use of, from the interrobang to the snark mark.

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