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Scrivener Crams Its Massive Manuscript Writing Tool Onto iOS

iOS: Scrivener is one of the best tools for organising your longform writing, but the lack of a mobile app has always been an issue. Today, that’s finally remedied with the release of Scrivener for iPhone and iPad.

How To Craft Your First Story [Infographic]

There’s no shortcut to writing a great story. However, there are guidelines that can help get you started if you’ve never done it before. This chart compiles several different forms of advice for beginners into one handy reference.

128 Words You Can Use Instead Of 'Very'

Our English teachers told us to avoid the word “very” because it’s weak and vague. They were right, and many times, we use “very” as a modifier for a word that could easily be replaced with a stronger, more accurate word. This infographic tells you what to use instead.

TextPad Is A Plain Text Editor In Your Browser

Sometimes, you just need to jot something down quickly without fumbling around opening up an application. TextPad’s a web app that does just that.

Budget Fountain Pen Showdown: Lamy Safari Vs Pilot Metropolitan

There’s nothing like writing with a fountain pen, and while they can be expensive, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to own one. For less than $50, you can have a refillable pen perfect for art, journaling, or taking notes in style. Let’s look at two of the best, most accessible budget options you can buy.

Hemingboard For Mac Instantly Suggests Synonyms, Puns And Rhymes 

Mac: Hemingboard began as an iOS keyboard that works like an amped-up thesaurus, not only suggesting synonyms to whatever you’re typing, but also rhymes and similar-sounding words that you can use as puns. Now they have brought their wordplay weaponry to your desktop.

Advice From A Former Apple Speech Writer: Pick Your Audience

It’s hard to deny that Apple is pretty great at presentation. Former Apple speechwriter Jayne Benjulian explains one key that helps the company perfect their speeches: Choosing your audience.

Ipsum Is A Journaling App For iPhone That Simplifies Writing Into A Chat-Like Vertical Scroll

iOS: When it comes to journaling apps on iPhone, it’s hard to beat Day One. Not everyone needs the complexity offered from Day One though, and if something a little simpler is more your thing, Ipsum is well worth a look.

FoxType Breaks Down The Structure Of Any Sentence So You Can Visualise It

If you want to improve your grammar, you may find it helpful to analyse how sentences are structured. FoxType does the work for you, visually breaking down your sentences so you can see how each word functions.

WriteWell Gives Students And Professionals Templates To Jumpstart Research Papers

If you’ve ever had to write a reference paper, essay or lab report, you know what it means to struggle with an overwhelming amount of information to organise, or a blank page looking back at you. WriteWell helps you organise that information easily, and offers writing templates to help you get started with your paper.

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