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The Deceptively Simple Workspace

Redditor mrrej89 posted this beautiful workspace to the Battlestations subreddit. At first blush, it’s simple, almost a little boring, but then you look more closely at the details — from the lamp to the keyboard to the monitor stand to the bookshelf, it’s simple, but all well done and well built.

The Artist's Space-Saving Workspace

Motion graphics designer and cinematographer Tyler Sparks sent over this shot of his space-saving workspace in his Brooklyn apartment, and we love it. It’s a great space to do work, uses vertical space well, and has plenty of personality as well as tools for productivity.

The Secret Wooden Workspace

Steven Wilke‘s basement video production and editing studio is wood paneled, all hand-designed and built, and looks fantastic. He pulled that basement space back to the walls to build the workspace of his dreams, and the finished product definitely shows.

Your Workspace Doesn't Need To Inspire You, It Needs To Be Novel

My most productive places to work are coffee shops. They’re not particularly inspirational. In fact, they’re usually loud and uncomfortable, yet I get stuff done faster and more efficiently while I’m there. Writer Asher Stephenson has a theory behind why this happens: it’s about novelty.

The Custom Wood Ultrawide Workspace

Over on the battlestations subreddit, damienslash offers up his new setup to the crowd, complete with a beautiful custom desk, ultrawide monitor, and some other touches we can really get behind.

The Monitor Packed Corner Workspace

Dan, also known as HiTechTLS, shares this corner desk in his tiny apartment that manages to really pack in the gear. Not only does he have six monitors total, there’s only one PC powering it all. Here’s his setup.

The All-White Vertical Workspace

We’ve seen awesome single-colour workspaces, but if that’s just too much trouble, you can still appreciate the simplicity in a space like this one. Lifehacker reader pljohns built this cubby workspace that reaches up, not out, and still manages to keep everything well lit and organised.

The Musician's Paradise Workspace

Reader Jason Burns is a musician, and does a lot of work from his home studio. We’ve seen a bunch of studio workspaces, but this one makes great use of space, packs in a ton of equipment and makes it obvious that Jason lives and breathes his music.

The Musician's Organised, Medieval Workspace

Dennis loves tech, loves making music, and of course, loves the medieval props he keeps around his desk, like that dragon on his case and the horn in front of his monitors. His workspace is sharp, simple and well organised without being over the top.

Take A Moment And Assess Your Workspace For Productivity [Infographic]

Your workspace should be a comfortable combination of personality and productivity; a space that you enjoy working in, but also one that helps you get things done. This graphic doesn’t touch on the personal side, but it does offer some useful tips to address the productive side, taken with a grain of salt or two.

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