Workflow Hacks To Get Your Most Important Tasks Done Faster

These days it isn’t “so much to do, so little time”, it’s “too much to do, no time”. Use these techniques to improve your productivity and make sure you stay on track and don’t miss important tasks.

How To Avoid Being A Human Bottleneck At Work

No one wants to be in the way of others. Sometimes you might not even realise that you’re causing a problem when you’re busy at work, focused on your own project. But if you take special care to communicate clearly, you won’t become a human bottleneck.

How To Find Your Optimal Work Environment And Boost Productivity

There’s no shortage of productivity techniques to try, but optimal productivity comes in different states for everyone. Some people are morning larks and others night owls, some need silence while others need music. If you’re struggling to improve your own workflow, here are three areas to start experimenting with.

What's The Worst Thing About Working In An Open Plan Office?

A global survey into the effectiveness of open plan offices has found that most workers believe they are noisy environments that hamper productivity. Around half of respondents admitted they regularly used quiet meeting rooms or elected to work from home to avoid office racket. What do you think is the worst thing about open plan working environments?

Your Brain Makes Its Decisions Before You Consciously Realise It

Pondering a decision for a few extra seconds could actually be a waste of time. A team of international researchers have discovered unconscious neural activity precedes subsequent free decisions by as much as four seconds. It can even influence the outcome of your responses.

Ask LH: How Can I Automate Signing Documents?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m trying to find software that could be used in conjunction with Dropbox or other features to allow people to put a signature on a document and email it back or otherwise. I’m trying to cut back on paper and hug some trees! Any suggestions? Thanks, Signing Up

Sometimes, You Just Need To Pivot To Succeed

Your high school science class may have you associating the word “pivot” with the wonders of basic mechanics, but in this age it’s been hijacked for another purpose — a term to describe switching up your established direction for something completely different.

The 5S Method Maintains Clean, Lean Order At Your Workspace

Many of the physical setups and mental tactics we’ve recommended to banish desktop clutter and the like can be summarized by the 5S methodology. It’s a Japanese system consisting of five principles to keep any work station clean, labelled, orderly, and efficient.

What's On Your Productivity Wishlist For 2009?

We asked our editors and contributors to create a blue-sky wishlist for all things productivity and software in 2009. Read on for their responses, and to contribute your own do-wants for the new year.

LucidChart Makes Stripped-Down Flowcharts For Free

Flowcharts are supposed to be a combination of words and line drawings anyone can grasp, but some software solutions get far too complex with them. LucidChart, an online flowchart creator that offers a free plan with 5MB of online storage, gets back to black-ink/white-background basics. The standard process/decision/input/etc. inputs are in a left-hand toolbar, the diagram background is graph-lined paper, and it works fairly snappy on most browsers. There are custom images for certain fields, and you can upload custom images if you’d like. But for those who just want a clean and easy PDF, screengrab, or print-out, LucidChart’s basic tools are best. LucidChart has a free plan that requires a sign-up. LucidChart [via]