Calibre 2.0 Adds An Editor And Book Comparison

Windows/Mac/Linux: Calibre, one of the best free ebook managers out there (and a great tool for removing DRM), released a big update this week. Calibre 2.0 includes a new editor function, comparison tool and support for Android phones on OS X.

Make Your Windows Type Cursor More Visible By Increasing Its Thickness

If you ever find yourself squinting at your screen, searching for your typing cursor, you might want to increase it’s thickness. Here’s how you can make that famous blinking line a little easier to see in Windows.

Pushbullet Now Syncs Clipboard Content Between Android And Windows

Android/Windows: Pushbullet is easily one of our favourite cross-platform syncing tools, and today it gets a little better. Now the service includes universal copy and paste (if you use Android and Windows, of course).

Parallels 10 Includes Yosemite Support, One-Click Windows Trial

Parallels, already well-regarded as a solution for running Windows on Mac hardware, has updated to version 10. New features in this release include support for the forthcoming Yosemite Mac OS X update release and a number of enterprise enhancements.

Scribbleton Is A Personal Wiki For All Your Thoughts

Windows/Mac/Linux: You have a billion options when it comes to notes apps, but if you’re looking for something that resembles Wikipedia more than a notepad, Scribbleton does the trick. You can write notes, make new ones and even add formatting.

The Biggest Problem With The Windows Store: Scams Everywhere

Windows 8′s “Windows Store” is a great idea, but it’s a disaster. It’s full of scams, designed to trick you into buying apps you don’t need.

The Lonely Rock Desktop

Reader FewCents created this beautiful desktop. It’s easy on the eyes when nothing’s going on, and has plenty of room to work, with its widgets off to the sides. Here’s what you’ll need to set it up.

Find Out If You've Installed Microsoft's Corrupted Hotfixes

If over the past few days you’ve been confronted with an unhealthy amount of crashes or blue-screens and recently updated your Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 system, you might have inadvertently grabbed a corrupted hotfix or two from Microsoft. The suspect files have since been removed for download, but that doesn’t help you if you’ve already applied them. Here’s how you can find out if you’re affected and if so, what you need to do.

Download And Install The 64-Bit Version Of Office 365

There is a general move toward 64-bit software these days, but if you have an Office 365 subscription, you might think there’s only a 32-bit version available. In fact, there is a 64-bit version if you look in the right place.

Find Your Computer's BIOS Version From The Command Line

The next time you update your PC or try to troubleshoot compatibility problems, you’ll may need to know your current BIOS. You could reboot the computer, but it’s much easier to use the Windows command line utility.