Windows 10 Apps Will Be 'Windows Apps' Or 'Windows Desktop Apps'

Microsoft has laid down its guidelines for the naming of Windows 10 apps, although it’s likely that confusion will still reign.

Windows 10 Will Ban Bloatware To Reduce Recovery Image Sizes

Few things are more annoying than a Windows system loaded with unwanted “utilities” by the hardware manufacturer. A change in approach for Windows 10 means you’re likely to see less of that unwanted rubbish.

The Global Monitor Desktop

Windows: Jerome doesn’t have admin rights to his work laptop (which makes sense), but he didn’t want that to stop him from adding a little personality to it. The result is this good-looking, informative, and custom Windows desktop. Here’s how he set it all up.

Discover Intimate Details About Your Solid State Drives With SSD-Z

System tweakers are familiar with CPU-Z and GPU-Z. While made by different developers, the “Z” universally signifies a lightweight utility for querying the capabilities of your PC’s hardware — in this case your processor and graphics card. You can now add SSD-Z to the bunch for giving your SSD a quick quiz.

Microsoft Will Allow Pirates To Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

Microsoft is quite serious about wanting everyone to upgrade to Windows 10 — even folks who shouldn’t normally qualify for a free upgrade.

Windows 10 Will Be Out By The End Of August

We’re expecting Windows 10 to be released this year, but Microsoft is yet to specify a precise launch date. It does look certain that it will be out by the end of August, however.

The Firewatch Desktop

Over on Flickr, Ahmad is pumped for Firewatch, an upcoming game that promises to be amazing. His desktop gives us sunset from a beautifully high vantage point — but it also helps him launch apps and check his system status. Here’s how he set it up.

Quick User Manager Puts Windows Account Control In One Place

Windows: Windows doesn’t always make it easy to tweak user account settings — some are only accessible via registry modifications. Quick User Manager consolidates all those settings into one small portable application.

Windows 10 Updates To Be Delivered Via P2P

Rejoice! No longer will you have to justify that peer-to-peer file activity (P2P) on your account by talking about all those Linux ISOs you’ve been downloading. Microsoft, it seems, is keen to use P2P to deliver updates for its forthcoming Windows 10 release.

ToolWiz Time Freeze Protects Your PC's State With A Password

Windows: Programs that “freeze” Windows are great for testing new software without risking your system. Each time you reboot, all the changes (including viruses) are erased. ToolWiz is another system restore utility, but this free program adds password protection.