How Microsoft Is Bringing Windows 10 Features, Including Cortana, To Android And iOS

When Windows 10 appears, it will run across both PCs and phones — but the majority of us aren’t about to dump our existing smartphones to use it. Microsoft’s newly-announced “phone companion” apps for Android and iOS will offer a subset of Windows 10 features, including its Cortana voice-powered assistant.

Ask LH: What's The Best DVD Player Software For Windows 10?

Hey Lifehacker, Since Windows 10 seems to lack a built-in DVD playing capability, what alternatives are there? Anything useful in the “universal app” space yet?

The Sharp-Dressed Earth Desktop

Windows: Thomas over at Flickr combines one of my favourite wallpapers with some smart widgets and music playback controls to create a workspace that’s probably as much fun to use as it is to look at. Here’s how he set it all up.

Festify Gives Party Guests The Power To Vote For The Next Spotify Song

Windows/Mac: Creating a party playlist can be daunting. If you don’t trust your ability to do it yourself, Festify lets you build a playlist and then have your friends vote up songs to determine what plays next.

Google Hangouts For Chrome Updated With A New Look

Windows/Mac: Google updated the Hangouts Chrome app today with a brand-new design that makes it a lot more appealing to use. The updated app looks a lot like the Android and iOS versions of Hangouts.

Windows 10 Has A More Intelligent Way Of Handling Default Apps

Setting a default app for a specific file type (like JPG or PDF) ensures that when you double-click on a file, you can open it in your preferred application. Windows 10 is tweaking the way that Windows handles this process — and it sounds like an improvement.

Crapware Is A Horrible Problem And It's All Our Fault

I love free apps. Who doesn’t love getting something for nothing? There’s just one problem: on the other side of that download link, every developer has to choose whether to charge money for their app, or offer it for free and find some other way to make money. And when we refuse to pay, we make that decision for them. We’ve created a demand for bundled crapware.

Get Rid Of Old Anti-Virus Installs With ESET's AV Removal Tool

Having recently ditched the under-performing Microsoft Security Essentials for something better (in my case, the free edition of Avira), I know the pain of trying out new software. Anti-virus programs can sometimes be stubborn about removing themselves and if you’re finding the ghosts of old AV apps lingering on your system, ESET has an all-in-one removal tool that can help.

The Webcam Pulse Detector Shows Your Life Signs Using Your PC's Camera

Windows/Mac: Your computer’s webcam can be useful for more than just quick photos and video calls. The Webcam Pulse Detector is a fun, open-source application originally designed at NASA to use your connected camera to take your heart rate. Now you can try it out at home.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Builds Time-Lapse Highlight Reels From Long Videos

Windows/Windows Phone/Android: Microsoft Hyperlapse gives you the power to shoot lots of video and then combine, condense, and edit it all into a short, time-lapse highlight reel on your PC, Android or Windows Phone device.