Cmder, A Beautiful, Functional And Portable Windows Console

Despite increasingly fancy GUIs, the humble Windows command line remains available when other options fail. If you’re still a frequent user of the old console, Cmder is a more powerful and better-looking alternative that’s well worth a try.

Windows 10 Release Likely By End Of July

Earlier this year, Microsoft said Windows 10 would be out by the end of the US summer, which made it likely we’d see it before September. The latest evidence suggests it could land as soon as July.

The Fire Suppression Desktop

Windows: Our friend joergermeister has made more than a few of our favourite desktops, and this is another great contribution. Clean, sparse and still functional, here’s how he set it all up.

Google Extends Chrome Windows XP Support Until The End Of 2015

Last time Google talked about Chrome and Windows XP, word was the company would support the OS “until at least April 2015″. You may have noticed that we are well into April and Google is still providing updates for Chrome on XP. So just how long will this generosity last?

Remove Old Device Entries In The Windows Registry With This Cleanup Tool

When you disconnect a device from your Windows PC, it’ll magically vanish from Device Manager — out of sight, out of mind as it were. However, in the Registry, the entry for that gadget remains, in case you decide to attach it again. While leaving these entires isn’t harmful, if you’re a stickler for keeping your system as fresh as possible, you can use Device Cleanup Tool to get rid of redundant ones.

Here's The Docker Client For Windows

Good news for software containerisation fans: the official Windows client for Docker has been released in preview.

Stealthy Patch For Windows 7+8 Includes Windows 10 Downloader

Updating your PC is often an innocuous process, but those running more recent versions of Windows may find that their latest round of patching included a nice surprise — a downloader for Windows 10.

App Directory: The Best Duplicate File Finder For Windows

You download too much crap. Sometimes, you download the same crap multiple times. Even if you need to keep those files, you don’t need two of them. To get rid of the dupes, we recommend dupeGuru.

The Jagged Desktop

Sharp points and angles are the theme of Mahmoud’s desktop. While it’s certainly dramatic, we also love the way he’s customised it to fit his style and his workflow. Here’s how he set everything up.

Easy Service Optimizer Takes The Pain Out Of Tweaking Windows

Unless you make a disk image immediately after a fresh install and tweaking session of Windows, it can be tiresome to disable all the services you don’t need with every reformat or major hardware upgrade. Fortunately, we now have tools such as Sordum’s Easy Service Optimizer to take the grunt work out of these micro-tweaks.