DisplayFusion 7.0 Further Improves Multi-Monitor Wallpapers In Windows

A new version of DisplayFusion is out, with heaps of new online wallpaper sources (including Astronomy Picture of the Day, Google+, Facebook and Imgur), along with improvements for monitor splitting. The update is free for DisplayFusion Pro users, and new licences are 40 per cent off through the holidays.

Most Popular Windows Posts Of 2014

We have to wait until 2015 for the next new version of Windows, but there was plenty of news on the Windows front nonetheless. These are the 10 most popular Windows posts from Lifehacker in 2014.

You Can Use Azure To Back Up Individual Windows Computers

Backup is one of the most obvious uses for cloud computing. A new update to Azure now allows individual Windows 7, 8 and 8. 1 machines to be automatically backed up into Azure.

Universal ADB Utility Simplifies Common Android Command Line Tasks

Windows/Android: ADB and fastboot are two immensely powerful tools. If you’re new to using them, or just want to simplify the process a bit, Universal ADB Helper can make certain tasks a snap.

Google's Android Studio 1.0 Makes Building Apps Easy

Windows/Mac/Linux: Google’s Android Studio is out of beta, replacing Eclipse as the standard for Android application development. Aspiring Android app developers: Eclipse is still good to know, but start learning Android Studio 1.0 now.

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Adds App-V Enhancements

Microsoft has updated its Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) software. The 2014 R2 release adds improved support for App-V desktop app virtualisation, including simpler settings for deploying Office.

KA Lite Downloads Khan Academy Videos For Offline Lessons

Windows/Mac/Linux: Khan Academy is very useful for learning about computer science, maths, and many other subjects. If you’d rather learn without being tied to an internet connection, KA Lite allows you to manage and view downloaded Khan Academy videos.

Find And Sort The Missing 'Exclamation Point' Tracks In iTunes

So you’ve migrated your data to a new computer, or you’ve restored your music from a backup, and some files are missing. iTunes doesn’t have a good way of sorting your library by which files are missing — but this workaround will.

Windows Does Defragment SSDs, But It's OK

You’ve probably heard before that you should never defragment your SSD; conventional wisdom says not only do solid state drives not need defragging, doing so would cause unnecessary writes to the drive. Well, Windows does sometimes defragment SSDs — on purpose.

AirDroid Gets A Native Desktop App That Mirrors Your Android's Screen

Windows/Mac with Android: AirDroid is the best way to manage your Android phone from the web, and the latest iteration brings a desktop app with a few new features — most notably the ability to control your phone right from your PC.