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Microsoft Continues Visual Basic 6.0 Support In Windows 10

The Visual Basic we all know and love may have been replaced by its .NET counterpart a long time ago, but Microsoft continues to support VB 6.0 applications to this day, even on its most recent platform, Windows 10.

DuckieTV Tracks Your Favourite Shows, Automatically Downloads New Episodes

Windows/Mac/Linux/Chrome: DuckieTV is a no-hassle, fool-proof calendar to track TV shows you’re watching, and it also automatically searches for torrents of new episodes and downloads them to your hard drive.

This Week's Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from this week.

The Ripples In Space Desktop

nVisionary’s desktop combines just a little Rainmeter with a beautiful wallpaper to create a look that all fits together nicely. A starry sky littered with system monitors and a great now playing widget make a great sit-down or second screen monitor with enough space to get stuff done, too.

Microsoft Releases Service Pack-Like 'Convenience Rollups' For Pre-Windows 10 Systems

Microsoft is not as Service Pack happy as it once was. While Windows XP and 2000 had three and four SPs respectively, Windows 7 had just one while Windows 8 went with a versioning approach instead, in the form of 8.1. Microsoft now looks like it’s bringing Service Packs back for older platforms, except they’re called ‘Convenience Rollups’.

Fences 3 Adds Support For High DPI Monitors And Full Windows 10 Compatibility

Windows: Fences, one of our favourite apps for organising your desktop, just got better with version 3. Now you can minimise fences to just their title bars so you can hide your desktop clutter while keeping everything easy to find.

What To Use To Protect Your PC When Commercial Antivirus Offerings Fail

It has recently come to light that nearly all Symantec antivirus products are vulnerable to remote code execution that could give attackers root access to computers. The reason why this bug is particularly nasty is because it affects Symantec’s antivirus engine which is embedded into the Windows kernel, giving it the ability to cripple computer systems. Symantec isn’t the only antivirus vendor that has experienced serious security flaws but it does beg the question: how should you protect yourself when you can’t rely on commercial antivirus products? Read on to find out more.

The Mirror's Edge Desktop

I’m pretty excited for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and this desktop, submitted by reader 0BUX to our Desktop Showcase certainly isn’t helping. It looks amazing. Here’s how to make it yours.

WhatsApp Releases Desktop Apps For Windows And Mac

Windows/Mac: WhatsApp is working hard to become your go-to messenger. Now that it’s free for everyone, you can use WhatsApp on your computer with the new desktop apps.

Microsoft Patches A Number Of Critical Vulnerabilities For Windows OS, Office and Browsers

In the latest Microsoft Security Bulletin, the vendor has issued patches for 16 security bugs for its software of which eight are rated as critical. Some of them affect all supported Windows operating systems including Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Among the critical security flaws found, a handful involved remote code execution which would allow hackers to take over vulnerable PCs. Here are the details.

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