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Windows 7 Beta Shutdowns Begin Today

If you’re still running the Windows 7 Beta, today it will start shutting down every two hours, which is Microsoft’s way of reminding you to install their Windows 7 Release Candidate—at least until March 1, 2010, when your PC starts the bi-hourly shutdowns once more. In the meantime, check out how much 7 will cost when it drops on October 22.

Can't Get Windows 7 RC To Install? Try 64-Bit

My struggles to get Windows 7 RC to install were eventually resolved with a slightly unusual solution: abandoning the 32-bit release in favour of the 64-bit package.

Pirate Windows 7 RC Used To Build Botnet

If you were too impatient to wait for the official release of Windows 7 RC and grabbed an early unauthorised copy via BitTorrent, there’s a nasty sting in the tale: your PC might well be part of a botnet.

Windows 7's Best Underhyped Features

We’ve run down the top 10 Windows 7 features and the best new features in the RC, but after using Windows 7 exclusively for a week straight, the real goods are in the small stuff.

Beware Windows 7 RC Non-Functional Updates

Beginning this week, Microsoft is going to start pushing out updates for Windows 7 RC — but if you’re already running the release candidate, don’t get all excited about potential new features and bug fixes.

Windows 7 RC Will Start Nagging, Auto-Rebooting In March 2010

You might have heard that the Windows 7 Release Candidate would be usable through June 2010—quite the nice free trial. But it starts asking for an upgrade, and automatically rebooting, in March 2010.

Lifehacker's Guide To Upgrading To Windows 7 RC

Whether you want to set up a dual-boot system, you’re ready to migrate all the way to Windows 7 RC from XP, or something in between, here’s what you need to know.

What's New In The Windows 7 Release Candidate

Windows 7’s Release Candidate is free and available for download, but what’s all that different from the beta version? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Windows 7 RC Available For Download Now

The official Windows 7 Release Candidate is now available for all users through Microsoft’s Customer Preview program.

Early Windows 7 RC Doesn't Support Compatibility View

A quick pointer for anyone who’s playing with an “unofficial” copy of the Windows 7 Release Candidate ahead of this week’s official public rollout: it doesn’t yet include the Compatability View feature in IE8.

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