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This Shortcut Opens Gmail's New Compose Window As A Moveable Window

Gmail’s new Compose window docks the small message window in the bottom right corner of your inbox. If you’d rather move the window elsewhere or resize it for more space, you could click the popout arrow in the window, or, better yet, use this shortcut to quickly open the message window centred on your screen.

Peek Through Makes Windows Temporarily Transparent

Windows: Sometimes you have more windows on your screen than you can deal with at once, even when you’re using a good window manager. Peek Through makes any window temporarily transparent with a hotkey, then lets you click through to the window below it.

Make Spaces Usable Again On Your Mac

Apple introduced the multi-desktop management tool Spaces way back in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and it was great until they laid waste to it in Lion (and now Mountain Lion). If you’re a Spaces lover, here’s how to bring back the spaces you know and love.

Dexpot Brings Full Screen Previews To Virtual Desktops In Windows

Windows: Dexpot is an awesome tool that brings virtual desktops — similar to Mac OS X’s Spaces — to Windows. It has just updated with a host of new features including full screen previews, lots of smoothness and multi-monitor support.

WindowPad Uses Your Number Pad To Snap Windows To The Screen Edge

Windows: WindowPad takes the number pad that you rarely use and turns it into a quick shortcut for organising all the windows on your screen.

Divvy Window Organiser For Mac On Sale

Mac: Divvy, the awesome app that splits up and organises your windows for maximum productivity, is 50 per cent off in the Mac App Store right now at only $7.49.

Windownaut Adds New Functionality To OS X's Title Bar Buttons

Mac: Windownaut overhauls window management on your Mac so you can arrange your windows in a multitude of ways, customise the functions of title bar buttons, and make lots of other tweaks.

Tiles Keeps Your Open Windows Organised

Windows: Tiles is a new application from Stardock, makers of our favourite desktop organiser , Fences, that keeps your open windows organised in a Metro-style thumbnail view in your sidebar, so you can focus on just the windows you need.

Get Aero Snap And Shake To Minimise On Mac

Mac: One of the benefits of being a cross-platform kind of person is that you get to use the best features of multiple operating systems in your workflow. Unfortunately, the ability to snap windows to the side of the screen and shake to minimise aren’t available in Mac OS, but iSnap is a utility that duplicates them on the Mac nicely.

Focus Windows In Mission Control With A Gesture

Mac: Mission Control’s window organisation makes it a little easier to use than previous versions of Exposé, but seeing individual windows can be hard. Here’s a shortcut that can spread an app’s windows out so you can focus on one of them.

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