weekly wallpaper

Weekly Wallpaper: Enjoy Some Fine Art From The Met

This week, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York put 400,000 high-resolution images from its collection up for download. To give you a taste, we decided to show off a few of our favourite wallpaper-friendly pictures for your desktop.

Weekly Wallpaper: Drool On Your Keyboard With These Food Images

Few things unite us all quite as much as the need to eat. So, let’s set aside our differences, come together around the digital dinner table, and collectively salivate over our precious electronics with these delicious wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Give Yourself Room To Work With These Minimal Designs

A wallpaper doesn’t have to be busy to be good-looking. We’ve featured minimal minimal designs a number of times, and here’s a fresh selection to download.

Mechanise Your Desktop With These Robot Wallpapers

We’ve shared robot wallpapers once or twice before, but these ones are much more serious — and in some cases, sinister.

Weekly Wallpaper: Give Your Desktop Good Animal Vibes

Anthropomorphism, or assigning human characteristics to animals and other non-humans, might be frowned upon in some scientific circles, but animals that look downright emotive are just fine for your desktop. Download wallpapers of some very expressive animals here.

Weekly Wallpaper: Go Fractal And Straddle The Line Between Maths And Art

Fractals are a beautiful phenomenon that occurs when repeating patterns are represented visually. Apart from being fascinating mathematical concepts, they make some wonderful wallpapers.

Gaze At The World's Landmarks With These Wallpapers

If you can’t travel the world, at least you can get a glimpse of its most majestic landmarks with these wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Dive Under The Sea

The ocean and ocean life are endlessly fascinating parts of our world. You don’t have to be a deep sea diver to enjoy them from the comfort of your desk with these desktop wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Cross Over Troubled Waters

Architecture is part art and part science. When it comes to some of the world’s most beautiful bridges, you can enjoy both with a well-taken photograph. Dress up your desktop with these scenic wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Take Your Desktop To The Mountains

You may not be able to climb a mountain, but you can enjoy the (two-dimensional) scenery right from your desktop with these wallpapers.