weekly wallpaper

Weekly Wallpaper: Show Your Apple Pride

OK Windows guys, move over. It’s time for the Apple camp to get some love. Show your affection for your Macbook on your Macbook while you Macbook on your Macbook with these Apple wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Show Your Windows Pride

Windows users, unite! Let’s celebrate our favourite operating system, whether you’re running 8, 7 or XP…though you should definitely stop running XP.

Weekly Wallpaper: Put Some Music On Your Desktop

Musical instruments don’t just have an aural appeal, but a visual one, too. While you can’t shove an awesome guitar or drum kit into your computer, you can put these great music-themed wallpapers on your desktop.

Weekly Wallpaper: Put The Cosmos On Your Desktop

Most of us don’t get to venture off into space, but we can look at its beauty from our desktops. Here are some of our favourite shots and renderings of the cosmos.

Weekly Wallpaper: Put Useful Information On Your Desktop

We usually pick an image for our desktop so that it looks good. But what if you can have a nice aesthetic and some helpful information? These infographic wallpapers should do the trick.

Weekly Wallpaper: Put Cute On Your Desktop

It’s good to smile, especially when you’re feeling done. Cuteness has a knack for making that happen, so use these wallpapers to keep a little bit of it ever-present.

Weekly Wallpaper: Blast Off Into The Future With These Sci-Fi Designs

Whether the future holds a technological utopia or a dystopian nightmare remains uncertain. Regardless, you can enjoy it in the present with these wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Put Some LEGO People On Your Desktop

We might have to wait a little longer in Australia for the LEGO movie to come out, but our computers can bathe themselves in brick-laden goodness right now. Here are some of the best wallpapers depicting LEGO folk in their natural (and sometimes unnatural) habitat.

Weekly Wallpaper: Put These Solitary Trees Front And Centre

Ever realise how many wallpapers there are that fit the strangely specific category of “one tree in the middle of a field?” There are a lot. And they’re all awesome. So we’re sharing some of our favourites today.

Weekly Wallpaper: Transcend Reality With Abstract Art

Beautiful photography makes for great wallpapers, but abstract art can be just as attractive. Here are nine cool abstract wallpapers to decorate your desktop.