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Weekly Wallpaper: Celebrate Android L With These Lollipop Wallpapers

Well, it’s official: The “L” in Android L stands for “lollipop”, and the latest version of Android should be headed to Nexus devices in a matter of weeks. Until then, satisfy your sweet tooth with these lollipop wallpapers for your desktop.

Weekly Wallpaper: Spread Out Your Desktop With These Triple Monitor Wallpapers

More monitors may not equal more productivity, but it sure does equal more awesome. Here are some wallpapers that you can stretch across two or even three screens.

Weekly Wallpaper: Enchant Your Desktop With These Starry Night Images

There’s something invigorating and deeply moving about a clear night sky when you can see the stars and moon. No wonder starry nights make for such great desktop wallpapers. Here’s a selection for you to download.

Weekly Wallpaper: Upgrade Your Screen Size With These Large Phone Designs

With the iPhone 6 Plus officially launched and the Note 4 around the corner, it seems like a great time to share some wallpapers packed full of pixels. These will work on small(er) phones as well.

Weekly Wallpaper: Get Caffeinated With These Coffee Wallpapers

It’s no surprise we’re big fans of a good hot cup of coffee around here, and the truth is coffee is just as beautiful to look at as it is to sip and enjoy. This week, let’s use some screen space to pay homage to our favourite pick-me-up.

Give New Life To Your Childhood Toys With These Wallpapers

Toys may be marketed toward kids, but let’s be honest: we all love to indulge in a little nostalgia. This week, relive your childhood with these toy-based wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Put A Little Spring On Your Desktop

Spring is here — though variable weather means you may not be enjoying it. If you can’t enjoy the weather outside, you can at least enjoy it on your desktop with these fresh, outdoor wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Imagine The World's End With These Dystopian Ruins

Some of the best sci-fi isn’t clean lines and futuristic tech — sometimes it’s the run-down, fantastical ruins at the end of the world. Decorate your desktop with them in this week’s wallpaper collection.

Weekly Wallpaper: See Clearly With These Gorgeous Glass Images

Glass and photography are the oldest of friends — point a camera at some glass and you can get some stunning imagery. Decorate your desktop with some of these excellent glass wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Enjoy Some Fine Art From The Met

This week, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York put 400,000 high-resolution images from its collection up for download. To give you a taste, we decided to show off a few of our favourite wallpaper-friendly pictures for your desktop.