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Gravit Is A Free Browser-Based Alternative To Adobe Illustrator Or Fireworks

Need to create a logo, website mockup or any kind of digital illustration? You don’t need to buy or download software to do so. Gravit is a robust illustration tool that works in your browser.

2016 To-Do App Showdown: Wunderlist Vs. Any.do 

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from some of our favourite to-do apps, Wunderlist and Any.Do, which means it’s a perfect time for a fresh look at both apps. Both are still some of the best, cross-platform, free to-do managers available, but let’s see how far they have come.

Fōkasu Is A Simple Timer Based On The Ideal 52/17 Productivity Schedule 

Time-tracking app company DeskTime found that the most productive people worked for 52 minutes straight followed by a 17 minute break. If you’d like to try this routine yourself, Fōkasu is the easiest way to time yourself.

All The Important Things Microsoft Announced Today At Build 2016

Microsoft’s Build conference is always full of news about Windows, Office, Xbox and other Microsoft products, and Build 2016 was no exception. We got a look at the newest Windows 10 update coming this winter, new features for the Xbox One and updates the Windows Store. Here’s the best new stuff we saw.

MeetWays Finds Meeting Places Halfway Between Two Addresses

How often have you needed to meet up with someone and wished you could find a spot halfway between the two of you? For some reason, this isn’t a standard feature of Google Maps. Instead, MeetWays picks up the slack.

Wherefor Shows Where You Can Travel Based On Your Budget

When it comes to travel, we’re most limited by time and money. We can’t help you with the time factor, but Wherefor will help you with the budget part.

Turn Trello Into A Recipe And Meal Planning App

Trello is probably best known as a productivity app, but it can also organise every other aspect of your life. Add to the list: recipe management and meal planning.

This Interactive Self Care Game Reminds You To Be Good To Yourself

Taking time out for self care is critical, considering we’re all busy and pulled in different directions, but this little interactive game/flowchart, suitable for bookmarking, asks you a few pointed questions about how you’re feeling and offers suggestions to help you take good care of yourself.

VPNify Shows You The Fastest VPNs In Your Area

Choosing the right VPN goes deeper than finding someone trustworthy and privacy-focused — you need a provider that can offer decent speeds too. VPNify can help you find the right one for you. The service tests multiple providers in locations around the world, and shows you the speed you’ll get with each. It’s like SpeedTest for VPNs.

Copy Me That Is A Free, Excellent Meal Planner That Works On Every Device

Some of the best meal planning apps are no longer available and others aren’t free. Copy Me That is an awesome alternative, combining recipe management, meal planning, and shopping list generation.

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