The Best Online Tools To Track And Compare Your Wealth

How rich are you — and how rich are you compared to everyone else? These online tools and resources will help you find out.

Litenin Is A Lightweight RSS Reader Perfect For Slow Connections

You have a lot of great options for RSS feed readers. If you’re looking for something without a lot of overhead, Litenin is a great place to start.

Read Ruler Sorts Pocket Articles By Read Time

Pocket is a fantastic bookmarking service, but it doesn’t sort articles by read time. Read Ruler adds that functionality.

Skype Is Now In The Browser, But Not For Australians

Skype has long been a desktop (and mobile) app, but today it’s available in your browser in the form of a new public beta. Unfortunately, Australians can’t yet take advantage.

Learn Photography With Camera Instructor's Free Interactive Courses

Camera Instructor is a free web-based photography school that teaches you the fundamentals of photography through videos and interactive exercises. It’s taught by photographer and programmer Cody Meyer, and each lesson starts with an instructional video followed by mini exercises (using in-browser camera simulators) that test what you learnt.

Todoist Updates With Evernote And Google Calendar Integration

Todoist is a great, cross-platform tool for managing tasks. In fact, it’s one of our favourites. And you can now integrate the tool with Evernote, Google Calendar and Github.

The Privacy Settings You Need To Change Using Google's New Privacy Checkup Tool

Google has a new Privacy Checkup wizard which lets you check just how much data you share with the search giant. Here are the key settings you should review using the tool to ensure you maintain your privacy.

How The New Google Photos Makes Your Picture Library Awesome

Google announced Google Photos last week, a new photo-hosting service that combines everything great about Google+ Photos with unlimited free storage for high-quality photos and HD videos. Whether you’re trying it for the first time or logging in to see what’s different, here’s what’s new and how to make the most of it.

Makerbook Is A Huge Collection Of Free Resources For Creative Projects

When you’re working on a big project, tracking down free assets is often key to keeping costs down. Makerbook is a collection of places where you can find free assets, including mockups, audio and image.

Milez Calculates The Frequent Flyer Points You'll Need For Free Flights

Have a bunch of frequent flyer miles accumulated but not sure where to go? Head over to Milez to see how far your miles can go.