Dietbet Puts Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, With Friends

A little social support goes a long way towards making positive changes, but putting something on the line helps too. Dietbet does both and lets you combine your efforts with friends. You put some money into the collective pot, everyone commits to a goal and a period of time to complete it, and the people who make the goal split the pot.

Peggo Converts YouTube Videos To Audio For Offline Listening

Web: Peggo is a simple web service that takes your favourite YouTube videos, whether they’re music, podcasts or other programming, and saves them as audio files so you can listen to them offline. It even removes silence to keep file sizes small, and it normalises volume so you don’t get startled if you’re listening through headphones.

Vellum Turns Twitter Links Into A Reading List

There are all kinds of different services that pull links from social media accounts and turn them into reading lists, but The New York Times’ Vellum is one of the more elegant and easy to use to use.

Privatize Tweets Links That Only Users You Mention Can Open

Web: Can’t send someone a Direct Message on Twitter but want to share a private link? Privatize lets you post tweets with URLs, but only people mentioned in that tweet can access the URL.

Audentifi Identifies Songs In YouTube Videos

Sometimes, tracking down the song in a YouTube video is a bit of an adventure. Audentifi is an app similar to something like Shazam that can detect a song based on the URL you give it.

Pomotodo Combines Pomodoro With A To-Do List That Tracks Your Progress

Web/Android/iOS: We’ve talked before about the Pomodoro technique, the productivity method where you work in short bursts with small breaks in between. Pomotodo combines this technique with a to-do list that is available on all your devices and also tracks your overall productivity.

LikeManager Compiles And Organises Your Facebook Likes

If you get a lot of your news and info from Facebook, then you might tend to click that “like” button on stuff you’re interested in. LikeManager is a tool that helps you keep track of that stuff so you can pull it up later.

Icebergs Organizes Your Files, Notes And Web Clippings

Icebergs is a web app that lets you clip text, images or entire pages from the web, upload and save files, and make and organise notes. If you’re the visual type, and you like your organisational tools to come with thumbnails and beautiful interfaces, it’s worth a look.

Google Rolls Out New Web UI For Google Drive

Google already brought some substantial upgrades to Google Drive and its suite of productivity apps at I/O. Now, it’s beginning to roll out the updated interface on the web.

The Long Tail Finds An Artist's Least Popular Songs On Spotify

Web: Your favourite musician probably has many songs you haven’t heard or listened to lately. The Long Tail makes a playlist of such rarely played songs by any one artist on Spotify.