Wordmark.it Instantly Previews All Your Installed Fonts In The Browser

Want to choose the best font for your message? While there are lots of font utilities and ways to preview individual fonts on your system, Wordmark.it may be the easiest and quickest way to get the job done — no downloading required.

To-Do App Groupiful Adds Project Templates And A New Interface

Previously mentioned Groupiful makes it easy to collaborate with others on school projects, home renovations or family reunions. Now, the service has a sharp new interface, Dropbox integration and new features to make organising tasks easier.

Add 'GIF' To The Start Of YouTube Links To Convert Videos To GIF

Web: GIF YouTube is a simple webapp with a single purpose. It wants to convert YouTube videos into short GIFs, and make it easy for you to remember how to do that.

Build In Progress Shares DIY Projects Before They're Finished

Sites like Instructables and Make are great for sharing your DIY projects, but sometimes you need a little help along the way. Build in Progress is a site that lets you share your projects as you make them.

How The Internet Helps You Beat Big Business Monopolies

There’s nothing corporations like more than a good monopoly. Plug in the consumer and turn on the profits! In Australia there’s seemingly no end to the spiralling cost of living as our utilities, banks and other service providers find new ways to hit us with fees that deliver them record profits.

Paranoid Paul Monitors Terms Of Service And Alerts You Of Changes

Keeping track of changes to terms of service or privacy policies on websites is incredibly difficult, because they change so frequently. Paranoid Paul is a web app that let’s you pick services and get alerts when the policy changes.

Typ.io Recommends Matching Fonts For Better Design

Web: Whether you’re designing a website or making your resume look better, the right fonts can take it to a new level. Typ.io makes it easy to learn which fonts complement each other. But it’s difficult to know which fonts complement each other. Typ.io wants to make that easy.

SmallPDF Compresses PDFs From The Cloud

If you’ve ever tried to send a large PDF over email, you know that email systems often have file size limits. SmallPDF will combine and shrink PDFs from the cloud so you can send bigger files.

WhoHasAccess Shows You Who Still Has Permissions To Your Google Drive

If you use Google Drive to collaborate as often as we do around here, you probably don’t have time to go back and clean up permissions or old files when you’re through with them. WhoHasAccess is a web app that shows you all of the people and permissions you’ve granted so you can tighten up your security.

Soundrop Is A Cross-Platform Social Music App For Spotify Users

iOS/Android/Spotify apps: Turntable.fm may have passed on from this world, but its successors live on. While plug.dj aims to fill its desktop shoes, Soundrop brings shared, synced playlists to Spotify on the desktop as well as mobile.