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What Defunct Web Services Do You Miss?

You guys know what I still miss? Springpad. And, to some extent, Google Reader. What old, defunct web services do you miss?

Find Free Airport Wi-Fi With This Interactive Map

iOS/Android/Web: Airport Wi-Fi isn’t always easy. Depending on the airport and the terminal, you might be hard pressed to find a decent spot to access the internet. This interactive map can help — it locates free Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi passwords at airports around the world.

AccessURL Allows You To Share Your Online Accounts And Still Keep Your Password Safe

Chrome: Maybe you’re working with someone who needs access to your accounts, or maybe you just want to share your Netflix with someone. Whatever the reason, if you want to share your online accounts without giving out your password, AccessURL allows you to do just that.

Dark Sky, The Up-To-The-Minute Weather App, Now Works In Your Browser

Web: Dark Sky is one of the coolest weather apps, providing minute-by-minute weather tracking. Up until now, it’s only been available in the US on iOS or Android phones, but now everyone can finally use it on the web – including Australians.

Eat This Much Updates, Adds Leftover Meal Planning

Eat This Much, the service that automatically builds meal plans and grocery lists for you, just updated with a ton of new features. Among them are leftover schedules so you can cook once and eat all week.

This Tool Lets You Send Stranger Things-Inspired Light Bulb Messages

Netflix’s new show Stranger Things is one of the biggest hits of the winter (we’re big fans ourselves). Here’s a neat tool that lets you communicate secret messages to all your friends from the “Upside Down”.

Poke Radar Still Works Great, And Now Has A Webapp And Android App

Niantic has been cracking down on a lot of the Pokemon GO maps out there, but there’s been a lot of confusion about which, if any, still work. If you’re in need of a poke-map, Poke Radar is still standing and working better than ever.

Windyty Is An Interactive Weather And Wind Map With Very Precise Data

Windyty is a gorgeous weather map that is overlaid with current temperature conditions and wind patterns, and can be customised to show as much or as little weather information as you deem necessary. You can add cloud cover and precipitation, and there’s even an Android app to take it all with you on the go.

This Netflix Recommendation Bot Is Surprisingly Accurate, When You're Specific

Chatbots are all the rage, and run the gamut from useless to truly interesting. “And Chill” falls into the interesting category. Simply send it a note via Facebook Messenger and ask it what to watch on Netflix. It churns for a bit, and can turn out surprisingly good results — as long as you’re clear about what you want.

PokeVision Shows You The Real-Time Locations Of Pokemon In Pokemon GO

If you’re having a tough time finding certain Pokemon in Pokemon GO, PokeVision uses Niantic’s API to show you their actual locations, and how long they will be there.

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