Google CS First Teaches Kids Programming And Computer Science For Free

There are a wealth of ways for kids to learn computer science and programming these days. Add to the mix: Google’s own CS First curriculum, a free program with a variety of themes for all kinds of kids’ interests.

BodBot's Food Explorer Recommends Foods That Fit Your Diet

Figuring out what to fit into your diet can sometimes feel like playing a game of Tetris. This nifty web app allows you to explore different foods by different features, such as calories or carbohydrates.

Metaflop Lets You Create And Customise Your Own Fonts For Free

Looking for the the perfect font? Metaflop Modulator makes it easy to create custom fonts simply by adjusting some sliders.

Makeovr Adds Invisible Icons To iOS For Home Screen Customisation

iOS: If you’re sick of the boring grid view of your apps on iOS, Makeovr is a little web app that allows you to create invisible icons so you can customise your home screen in any way you want. Once you get those invisible icons installed, you can do a lot more with your home screen.

DailyPulse Gets Updates From Coworkers For You, Helps You Avoid Meetings

If you manage people or projects at work, you know it can be tough to get updates from coworkers so you can put all of the pieces together. DailyPulse is a web service that handles the process for you. It emails your team with the questions you need answered, collects the responses, and puts them together in a tidy package for you.

iFixit Launches Android Hub With Over 250 Repair Guides

iFixit has always been one of our favourite sites for tearing down devices. The site has traditionally focused mostly on Apple products, but now the company has added an Android hub with over 250 guides.

Kindlebox Automatically Sends Books From Dropbox To Your Kindle

It’s pretty easy to send just about anything to your Kindle, but if you’re looking for an even more automated solution, Kindlebox does the job by linking a Dropbox folder to your Kindle and sending anything over automatically.

'Ask For Evidence' Helps You Challenge Bogus Health Claims

Questionable health claims, such as a cafe saying a certain juice will “detox” you, may leave you rolling your eyes at the people who fall for them — and maybe secretly wondering if they’re true. British website Ask for Evidence gives you a way to question that questionable advice.

Creddle Makes A Customised Resume From Your LinkedIn Account

Updating your resume is a pain, but we all have to do it. If you’ve kept your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, Creddle.io can make a resume from your entries.

Vamo Makes Planning Multi-City Trips Abroad A Cinch

When heading to a different continent, it makes sense to visit multiple cities to get the most out of your trip. Planning the transportation between them and the lodging, however, is no small task. Vamo makes it easier.