Villy Recommends The Best Areas And Hotels Based On Travel Preferences

Thinking of visiting a new city sometime soon? Villy wants to simplify the hotel-hunting process by recommending the best neighbourhoods and hotels, according to your interests.

Panda Is A News Feed That Keeps You Inspired And Informed

Web/Chrome: Panda combines top-rated stories and images from popular websites to keep you informed as well as inspired to make awesome things. You can even replace Chrome’s new tab page with it.

CloudTunes Is An Elegant Music Player For All Your Dropbox MP3s

Dropbox is a great place to store music so you can access it anywhere, but it’s not always easy to get that music playing though a good music player. CloudTunes solves that problem with a web-based music player that works in any browser.

Chat.cc Creates Instant Chat Rooms For Web And Mobile

Web/mobile: Chat.cc is an easy way to create a chat room for unlimited users. All you need to do is email people and CC “[email protected]” (without quotes). Everyone in that message gets an invitation, and they can sign in with their email address.

Tip This Much Shows Tips In Different Countries And Calculates Bills

Web: If you’re in a new country and unsure of how much you should tip, head to Tip This Much to find out. The web app works perfectly on desktop as well as mobile.

Chromebook Comparison Filters Choices To Find The Right Laptop For You

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a laptop, a Chromebook can be a solid alternative. To find the right one for you, software developer Danny Tuppeny created a webapp that filters your options.

Cladwell Finds The Perfect Wardrobe For You Based On Your Style

The internet still hasn’t quite managed to figure out this clothing thing, in part due to size and style variations. Cladwell doesn’t solve the problem either, but it does have a pretty unique way of analysing your current wardrobe and finding what else you need.

Plane Finder Tracks Your Flight In Real Time

Web/iOS/Android: Plane Finder delivers next-level flight tracking in real time. You open the app to a world map of 12,000+ planes moving in real time, complete with a search feature, so you can see where the flight you’re tracking is at at any moment.

Wyliodrin Programs The Raspberry Pi With A Drag-And-Drop Interface

If you prefer a visual coding interface rather than a text-based one, or you’re just getting started learning to code on the Raspberry Pi, you might want to try Wyliodrin, a free visual coding platform that runs in your browser. Wyliodrin looks and works quite like Scratch, highly recommended for both kids and beginner programmers. You drag and drop blocks to form your code.

Bania.io Maintains Your Productivity Chain With A Daily Email

Web: You can maintain a good habit by charting a success streak — an approach commonly known as “Don’t Break the Chain” Method (and often erroneously attributed to Jerry Seinfeld). Bania.io helps you log this streak with nothing more than a daily email.