Code Kingdoms Teaches Kids JavaScript With A Puzzle Adventure Game

Web/iOS: A growing number of apps now are geared toward teaching kids to code because it’s a valuable skill to learn. Code Kingdoms is another such app, but it’s wrapped in a game that kids would most likely want to play anyway (programming lessons or not).

Readlang Helps You Learn A Foreign Language As You Surf The Web

The most effective way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself as much as possible in it. Readlang is a web app and Chrome extension that helps you learn by translating websites, and creating flashcards and word lists for you.

This Tool Generates Quotes For Your Freelance Projects

Being a freelancer means generating a lot of quotes for your work. This tool makes it easy. While it’s designed for web developers, it can easily be adapted to a variety of jobs.

Yourbrowser.is Shares Your Browser And Computer Info By Email

Basic information about your web browser is an important part of troubleshooting computer problems. Yourbrowser.is automatically gathers all the essential information about your browser in an easy-to-ready format.

Hackr.io Is A Crowdsourced Resource Of Programming Classes

We’ve seen plenty of collections of different programming classes and resources before, but Hackr.io mixes things up a bit by allowing users to submit their own picks and vote up others.

Facebook Launches Standalone Messenger App For Browsers

Facebook released a new standalone version of its Messenger app today. While the app still requires a Facebook account to use, it’s separate from the rest of Facebook — which might help keep you from being distracted by everything else happening on the social network.

Dashlane Inbox Scan Finds All The Passwords You've Shared Over Email

Your inbox is full of confirmation emails and other messages containing one of your passwords — which is bad news if someone gets access to your email. Inbox Scan, a new tool from the makers of Dashlane, searches your email for messages containing passwords and other sensitive info so you can delete them.

This Interactive Guide Teaches You Photo-Editing Slang In Five Minutes

Like a lot of skills, learning photo editing is about familiarising yourself with the language and technique. Photo app Polarr put together an interactive guide that teaches you those concepts quickly.

Fiddle Is A Collaborative Markdown Tool For The Web

When it comes to collaborative editing, Google Docs is the go-to for most. But if you’re looking for something easy that doesn’t require a login, Fiddle is a simple Markdown editor for collaborative editing.

Streak Club Motivates You To Complete And Stick To Creative Projects

Making a game, writing a novel, recording music — anything you want to create takes commitment. Streak Club tracks your activity on your “creative streaks” so you keep on creating.